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International Travel with iPad mini or iPhone 5


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I was just wondering if anyone has traveled internationally with the iPad mini or iPhone 5. I know the iPhone 5 is locked to Sprint, but you can call and get it unlocked. I have never swapped a sim card out, mainly because Sprint never had them, but I am wondering if it really is that simple. Do you just swap the sim and then purchase a new data plan? I know Digicell in Bermuda sells nano sim cards for pay as your go 3G. I have heard that Sprint iPads can be used on AT&T wireless, just no LTE. Is there any truth to this?

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The Sprint iPhone are unlocked for International use (just call the International roaming department and they will unlock). I have tested a Verizon iPad 3 on AT&T and it is unlocked. However I had to provision the SIM on an AT&T iPad to sign up for the plan and then move the sim into my Verizon iPad. I have used Telus and Bell Canada on my iPad as well. 


I recall that all iPads are sold unlocked, so you should be good to go on other GSM networks. LTE may or may not work though depending on the bands the carrier is supporting and which iPad/iPhone you are using.

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