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  1. Is HD voice calling still affected when wifi calling is enabled on the account?
  2. I saw a new tower being constructed behind the Gate gas station on Town Center Parkway and St Johns Bluff near the beltway. Don't know if it'll have Sprint but we will see.
  3. How do I read this? This is getting three dots signal. But average RSRP 138?
  4. My iPhone 6 on 8.4 seems to prioritize B41 than the other two and it kills my battery since the signal is low
  5. LTE in my area Normandy/Cecil Field has been pretty dismal the past days. Normally 2-5 dots but lately only 3G, two dots B26, constant switching between bands.
  6. I work at UNF at I had no data access at all from about 11a-4p. Calls worked fine
  7. I noticed the tracking area code for the tower behind my house changed from 9425 to 9525 on B41...
  8. Number of Tx antennas, just two? This is coming from the Normandy/Fouraker tower with the 8t8r panels.
  9. I'm going to safely assume the tower on Normandy/Fouraler is broadcasting B41 from the new 8t8r panels. Signal has consistently improved in the past two or three days.
  10. Sweet. The 8t8r panels on Blanding and Academy Sports only gave you a signal about -106? The most I've gotten from the Normandy/Fouraker tower is -102. It seems the new panels are broadcasting but probably on low power or a really shitty tilt
  11. The Normandy/fouraker site had previously been confirmed not broadcasting any B41 by someone else here. I doubt it's coming from another tower. Never received any B41 or even a slight hint until earlier last week.
  12. My phone has been connecting to B41 while I'm at home. Normally it doesn't and camps on B25/26. Only getting a max of two dots. Has to be coming from the tower with 88er panels on Normandy/fouraker since the closest tower that broadcasts B41 that I know of closest to me is along 295, way too far for me to catch any signal from it. Maybe the panels are active but hasn't been adjusted?
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