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  1. Is it using both at once? Like carrier aggregation? B66/2 being used for download and upload (like primary carrier) and n41 only being used for download (like secondary carrier)? Again, apologies for the probably basic question lol. -Anthony
  2. Wait, so what's the difference between T-Mobile's 2.5GHz 5G and Sprint's 2.5GHz 5G, that causes older 5G phones that could connect to Sprint's implementation to not be able to connect to T-Mobile's? I figured it would just be a PLMN change or something (if that's even a thing with 5G). Apologies at my lack of understanding of 5G. It's been awhile since I've been active on the forum and I'm going off my previous LTE knowledge. Feel free to link something that may help me understand better 😅 -Anthony
  3. Definitely, I agree. I’m curious if anything has cropped up in either iOS 14 or previous versions to make a widget possible. -Anthony
  4. iOS 14 will probably make this app sightly less useful. They redesigned the Field Test screens to be much more useful and pleasing to look at. -Anthony
  5. 12.4 beta 1 has been released today. Appears to be the last release of iOS 12 before 13 comes out, and will most likely be the super-polished version of iOS 12 that the devices that are having support dropped in iOS 13 will be stuck with. -Anthony
  6. Am I wrong when I look at that map and it looks like the T-Mobile map is their LTE coverage (in light pink) and their "potential 5G coverage" (in dark pink) whereas the Sprint map is just "potential 5G coverage"? Because that's what it looks like to me. If that's the case, no wonder the maps look so drastically different. -Anthony
  7. Most likely not your issue. If you are pulling 80 Mbps on speed tests then you are most definitely not connected to Band 26. Even if your phone switched to Band 26 during your data session, it shouldn't time out because it can continue the data session across different bands, unless there is some other issue present. Someone more knowledgeable about Band 26 tuning and such should be able to correct me if I'm wrong, but my guess is it's something else other than Band 26 needing to be tuned. -Anthony
  8. I'm coming to NYC next weekend for a concert with some friends and I'm really looking forward to experiencing the amazing network and VoLTE for the first time. Gonna be awesome! -Anthony
  9. Yup. On Intel devices it should be under LTE > Serving Cell Meas > phy_cell_id I believe. -Anthony
  10. Yup, definitely going to be getting one of these for the house. -Anthony
  11. Unless of course you are internationally roaming. My phone showed Telus when I was in Vancouver a few months ago and roaming via Global Roaming. -Anthony
  12. iPhone Xs and Xs Max have 12.1. I’m running it currently on my Xs Max. It was only the first couple days that 12.1 beta 1 was out that there wasn’t an IPSW for the new phones. -Anthony
  13. Hmm interesting. I guess we’ll see what happens next bill! -Anthony
  14. Funny that when he's mentioning if you're on "X carrier you're doing it wrong" he doesn't mention Sprint. I love it! What I don't love is I'm beginning to like John. What is happening to me?? -Anthony
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