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  1. anthony.spina97

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yup, definitely going to be getting one of these for the house. -Anthony
  2. Unless of course you are internationally roaming. My phone showed Telus when I was in Vancouver a few months ago and roaming via Global Roaming. -Anthony
  3. anthony.spina97

    iPhone XS Thread

    iPhone Xs and Xs Max have 12.1. I’m running it currently on my Xs Max. It was only the first couple days that 12.1 beta 1 was out that there wasn’t an IPSW for the new phones. -Anthony
  4. anthony.spina97

    iPhone XS Thread

    Hmm interesting. I guess we’ll see what happens next bill! -Anthony
  5. anthony.spina97

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Funny that when he's mentioning if you're on "X carrier you're doing it wrong" he doesn't mention Sprint. I love it! What I don't love is I'm beginning to like John. What is happening to me?? -Anthony
  6. anthony.spina97

    iPhone XS Thread

    I have had my XS Max since yesterday around noon and can say that so far I haven't experienced any issues with WiFi or LTE connectivity. I have what appears to be the same or better LTE performance as compared to my X. Also, I bought mine from Apple and put my Sprint info in when I ordered it. All I did when I opened the box yesterday was remove the SIM from my X, turn it off, and then power on the XS Max. Activated during setup without any issues. Been loving it so far! My Series 4 also just got here today. I had a Series 3 that I got back in June of this year on IB, and upgraded to the Series 4. Not sure how I was eligible, but when I was ordering the device I didn't see anything about getting a return kit with my new device to send the old one back. And when I go to Sprint's website I don't see anything about my Series 3 on it anymore now that I've activated my Series 4. I'm unsure when/if I can return the old device. -Anthony
  7. anthony.spina97

    iPhone XS Thread

    Does the iPhone XS not come with a SIM in it? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you be able to have a Sprint SIM in the device and use the eSIM for whatever other carrier you want? I might not understand how eSIM works but just curious. -Anthony
  8. anthony.spina97

    [PSA] Sprint announces GEN3 (4th iteration) Magic Box

    My exact thoughts lmao. -Anthony
  9. anthony.spina97

    Hurricane Florence

    9.1 inches. Oof. -Anthony
  10. anthony.spina97

    iPhone XS Thread

    I would say the XR is similar enough to the XS and XS Max that it could be contained in this thread as well, but considering that it is meant to be the iPhone for the masses, it may warrant it's own thread. -Anthony
  11. My parents and sister are still on the Framily plan. I will log onto my parents account and let you know if I can change anything. -Anthony
  12. anthony.spina97

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I have been seeing $699-$749 for the 6.1'' LCD iPhone, $899 for the 2018 iPhone X, and $999 for the 2018 iPhone X Plus. All rumors/speculation of course. -Anthony
  13. Yup, that download to upload ratio is definitely T-Mobile. -Anthony
  14. anthony.spina97

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Welcome to the club! I've had mine for a year now and still use them every day! Even bought my Mother a pair for Mother's day because she loved mine so much. -Anthony
  15. anthony.spina97

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Just to chime in, I find the Magic Box very useful in my home because we have home internet that goes out at least once a week, and therefore need a backup plan for those times when the internet is out. It gives me reliable internet access when the home ISP goes down. Plus, when connected to a UPS, I also have usable internet for news and emergency updates in the event of a power outage, which happens often during storms. I go from being on 1 bar of B26 to 4 bars of B41, with the box being connected to a B41 site that I otherwise don't have access to in or around my home. Also a small benefit is having full signal all the time without my device constantly switching between weak B26 and 3G. The battery life savings really add up. Plus being able to make VoLTE phone calls from my home when VoLTE is rolled out will be nice too. All of these are things that WiFi cannot do. Sure, a lot of these problems have solutions or workarounds, all of which require more time, effort and, more importantly, money, than a box that you simply connect to power and never touch again. It almost works like... magic? -Anthony