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  1. Hi guys, like the title says, I am travelling to the Netherlands and am curious about people's experience with the international roaming passes. Firstly, are they unlimited data, or are they limited with deprioritization? Secondly, what are the speeds like? I have asked around but have gotten mixed answers. Thanks!
  2. Since I had to reset my phone for bugging out on me, the phone has not been able to connect to lte, even after cycling it and rebooting it. Can anyone help?
  3. Exactly, I used to think KIA was a Middle to low end car. But now, it is on par with Lexus' quality. I hope Sprint can change their brand image faster, but it takes time.
  4. Actually, I think Port Charlotte gives some of the best 4G signal.
  5. I just got over 70+ Mbps in Sarasota. My first time on b41 in the swfl area.
  6. I find that the coverage for sprint has gotten better in FL. But, I do think they need to either strengthen or add more towers to their existing network. Bur I am getting LTE where I wouldn't before. The best coverage I have ever gotten in a rural town was Port Charlotte, always have consistent LTE coverage.
  7. Can anyone tell me what this is? I found and I think it has a connection to a roof cell
  8. Im gonna be going to New York this week and I'm just wondering if the subway has coverage. I have seen articles on it. But can anyone explain how they get the coverage underground? -Tyboxer12
  9. When the new UTC mall opened in North Sarasota, off of University Pkwy, I took a trip to our new mall and did a few speed tests. But the only thing was that I couldn't do a speed test because of how congested the tower was next to the mall, and its pretty close to it too. Does anyone know if sprint will solve this issue in the coming months because, all I know is it's just gonna get worse in the coming months.
  10. The tower that my phone parks on at my house seems to be taking a while to upgrade. It has some old looking panels too. Can someone answer?
  11. Just found this on Android Central. http://www.androidcentral.com/leaked-newsletter-shows-sprint-will-down-wimax-network-nov-6-2015 Though this would be useful info.
  12. I have little to no knowledge of what a PRL is, and what it does. Can someone explain?
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