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Time for an Upgrade. Suggestions?


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My mother in law's Samsung Transform has finally bit the dust.  I am looking for a Mid/High level phone with a smaller screen to replace the transform.  


I am thinking the Samsung Victory as my buddy has one on Virgin Mobile and is a solid phone and he has no complaints.    


Looking to spend no more than ~$100 with the contract renewal 


I would really like to get the LG Optimus G for her but the phone is just too big.


any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful

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The Victory is a great small device. It's only downside is screen size. But for people who want a device that size, it's perfect. Avoid the Viper at all cost. It is not a small LGOG. Not even close.


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I have limited time with the Victory (activation and initial setup) several times. It definitely isn't the phone for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by how snappy the little guy was.


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The only problem I had with the victory. Which was a deal breaker was the samme internal memory. Cant install more then 3 apps it feels like

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We are rapidly heading toward a situation in which the only two options will be OS based smartphones for most of us and a few fringe feature phones for small children and decrepit old people.



I hate to break it to you, but we're already there. And you're a bit off - small children are getting the White iPhone 4 (it's free and it's what they're clamouring for (and there's a persistent rumour that the Black iPhone has inferior technology)). Feature phones are mostly for the elderly, the super cost-conscious (those on messaging+voice (no data) plans), and those who would still be on Nextel were it not already gone.

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Convinced her to go with the Optimus G. She messed with mine and loved the screen and the snappyness of the OS.


Sent from my LG Optimus G



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