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  1. only thing that would have been more better is if this was a 3g upgrade test because i have wimax and not getting a lte phone till next year hopefully they hurry and get 3g upgraded
  2. ok im sorry for calling that member an odd ball but im not that good with figuring out mbps but i didnt need he/she to be braging about it telling me i got it wrong we all make mistakes
  3. alrite just know that i dont care and i just came to know about my market and the upgrades to it
  4. somebody always got to be an odd ball does it really matter it is both the same thing
  5. Abyss19707 the person who started this forum she/he said he got 5-7 mbps down on 3g so thats why i asked that question
  6. i wanted to know what round will maryland be in and is nv going underway in this market right now i have seen speeds 1.5 to 2 megs down consistantly before it was under 600 kps so i wanted to ask
  7. that is great news but robert i thought that 3g was only able to pull down 630 kps-3 mps down on 3g
  8. will nv implement this into the 1xrtt technogly so that we can be able to do this in 3g or will we still have to use wifi or 4g in the future to do this because i want to do it on 3g because 4g is not as wide as 3g
  9. i would love to see 4g lte speeds like that in washington dc but there is none and i dont have a 4g lte device but 3g speeds improvments would be nice to.
  10. trying to give hope that sprint finally hurrys up and complete network vision so i can have a usable phone thanks

  11. ive seen speeds increase in 3g from what it use to be for me but it's just when peak time comes around then my speeds drops so that is usaully when the middle schoolers and high schoolers get out of school
  12. my speeds always average around 1.5 meg down and about 600 up and this weekend was the only weekend i seen my speeds decrease to about 100to300 down and 500 up i was wondering was it because of capacity issues or was it because of nv
  13. so must of us probably seen the pictures of the lte coverage from the other forum athens georgia but what i want to know did anybody get any upgraded 3g speeds or improved 3g speeds as of lately
  14. wouldnt it be better if sprint could have phones that could talk and surf at the same time that would be a phone i would buy like the iphone on at&t
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