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  1. Just figured I'd let people know, about a month ago the tower in rudolph, wi got lte, must be a gmo or something of the like though because no b26, or 1x 800.
  2. Yea thats hard to believe, central wi isnt covered at all by tmobile but blanketed by verizon.
  3. You can get the app drawer back in the settings
  4. Just got the g5 today loving it so far.
  5. eljayyy91


    40 MHz b41, 10mhz of b25, and 10 mhz of b26. For a total of 60 mhz deployed. At least from my minimum understanding of spectrum holdings.
  6. I guess the cellcom coverage map just confuses me, I'm guessing it's because they share Verizon's lte network? I just didn't know cellcom was going to end up as Roaming+. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, a little extra coverage here does wonders. Haha
  7. Just looking at the new coverage update Sprint has done, just wondering does anyone know which carrier is Roaming+ in northern wi? I dont think its cellcom.
  8. Okay I know not many people like big phones... But I love the 6" form factor, I just love the screen size. I have yearly upgrades and actually thinking about not upgrading because everything is smaller, and I don't want my upgrade to feel like a downgrade, so I'm just wondering how many out there feel the same, and if you could upgrade now, would you upgrade to any phones Sprint offers at this point?
  9. That's crazy because i couldn't have Sprint if I didn't have roaming... Just for those days that i do actually leave town. But really the only two I roam on around here is us cellular and cellcom. What I need roaming for is phone calls if anything were to happen. I guess it's just peace of mind to know I will always at least be able to make calls. I actually used to work out of town, and roamed 10 hours a day 5 days a week and I could always use voice and text, data was hit or miss but that's not what I need roaming for, just my opinion.
  10. Just out of curiosity, were these users limited to wimax? Or was the hotspot like any Sprint hotspot that supported wimax... Which had access to evdo as well.
  11. The comment was mostly ment as a joke. I was just pointing out the mistakes. I've noticed there are mistakes in 2 cites which throws it all off. New Orleans and Portland. Are the two cities with mistakes I took the time to search through them.
  12. Good for Sprint in Denver. But how much can we trust this when they say sprints max download on 3g was 6.9 and max upload was 4.2 which I don't think is possible on ev-do
  13. Just kinda curious if this is just my device or if it's my tower at work. (I guess I haven't tested at home because I have full bars lte there so I never have issues) at work 95% of the time I have 3g its great works good pretty zippy. No complaints there, but I'm having an issue with is my phone will latch to weak b26 and have no data and this happens very often now compared to before. I don't know if 5.1.1 caused the issue or not but I swear I have to toggle airplane mode every couple minutes on lunch to get data back. And it's not like b26 is unuseable at this spot because after I toggle airplane mode I'll have lte and it works fine. It's like my phone doesn't like switching from 3g to b26. Because every time (at least in this location) when it first switches there is no data until you toggle airplane mode. Edit: and also does the same switching from b26 to 3g get the explanation point and no data.
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