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  1. In order to use a local sim, your phone will at least need to be unlocked internationally. While I was there, all of my calls back to the US were through FaceTime audio (VoIP on iPhones). If you’re looking to make calls using your number and don’t want to hassle with a VoIP solution, you may be better off just paying sprint for the roaming. Just remember, calls are $0.20/min on top of the $25 you mentioned.
  2. I spent 3 weeks in the London area last summer for work. EE was far superior to the others in my experience. I was able to get a prepaid SIM for 30 Pounds which had unlimited calls, texts, and 18 GB of data which allowed mobile hotspots. It was perfect for connecting my work computer to since our jobsite had little/no internet. You also get automatic connections to wifi in the subways provided by mobile carriers. If you do end up getting a sim while you are there, keep in mind that over there, different stores have very different promotions, even in the same city. I ended up being lucky and stumbling into this store which had the deal mentioned above: https://goo.gl/maps/TGCw1tkXpPF2 After seeing how great my EE service was, my coworker (who was paying $10/day for Verizon international roaming) decided to stop into a different store on the east side of the city looking for the same deal. We ended up going all the way across town to the same store I visited so he could get the same deal. In summary, depending on how long you're visiting and what the purpose is (work/vacation), Sprint roaming could suffice. If you look for a local SIM, don't be afraid to stop into a couple different stores if you don't find a deal you like because your options WILL vary.
  3. Some is shown but not all if you compare with Cellcom's maps. I wonder if its true as shown or if it was just a bug in their map data...?
  4. Did I miss something about Sprint having a roaming deal with ATT? This is the first I have heard of it. Is this nation wide or just in specific markets?
  5. I noticed the same thing when I sent my airave back about 4 years ago. My bill decreased by approx $3/month.
  6. Was calling plus ever available on the iPhone?
  7. Not sure if you have already traveled to China or not but be careful using google maps in China. Since google services are blocked for the majority of people there, maps is not as up to date or as accurate as we are used to in the US. I saw this when I visited last spring. On my iphone I found that Apple maps even has a special version that is only available in China. Using the Chinese version,China is very detailed but the rest of the world lacked a lot of detail (As I zoomed in to Wisconsin, satellite view disappeared before the state even filled the screen). As soon as I connected to a VPN, I was back on the version I was used to in the US and the China map lacked detail. I'm not sure what the best maps solution is for Android in China but I would recommend searching Google a bit before you go. (oh, the irony )
  8. It's working for me. What phone / OS version are you on?
  9. I was using google maps. I was also using satellite view. I believe the route is loaded immediately but using satellite view constantly loads the view for your current location.
  10. My 7 showed up today. I had it running google maps for about a 2 hour drive and it seemed to stay connected to LTE much better throughout the trip than my 6 did previously. My 6 would often get stuck on 1x and 3G whenever it was actively trying to load data (constantly loading the map as I am driving). Not sure if this is due to the new phone, new carrier update with iOS 10 or both.
  11. I got a tracking number on Sunday night for 2 of the 4 phones that I ordered even though I expected all 4 to ship together (all 4 were supposed to ship prior to 9/16) Currently UPS doesn't show any info on the tracking number Sprint listed.
  12. Sprints website just started working for me. I was able to order 4 on my account. All show that they will be delivered on 9/16. I ordered (2) 32gb Rose Gold 7's and (2) 32gb Black 7's.
  13. It is normally not available but it showed up right under Cellular once we were outside of the country.
  14. A little follow up now that I am back home: After first landing in Mexico, my phone would not register on any network automatically so I had to manually go in to iOS settings>carrier, unslect "automatically select carrier", and select Movistar. After doing this the first time for my phone and my wife's, the phones automarically connected with Movistar on their own for the rest of the trip. iOS seems to have a feature built in called "Dail assist" which popped up each time I made a phone call (none of my contacts have a +1 in front of the saved number - I think Dial assist helped with this) iMessages and incoming SMS worked flawlessly(including short codes) but outgoing SMS/MMS needed a 1 added in front of the number you were sending the message to (which was a bit of a pain because the incoming message did not show a 1 prior to the number so a simple reply did not work). Upon returning to the states, no changes were required to the iPhones, both found Sprint right away and we haven't had issues like others have mentioned. One thing Sprint should improve is how they show your current usage on MySprint. I have also seen others mention this so I am not concerned but it shows that I have used 49/0 International Roaming minutes. The data & text categories both recognize that I am on Sprint OpenWorld so I would think the voice category would also be able to be programmed to do that. Overall it was a very good experience (and you can't beat free!) Thanks Sprint! Edit: Spelling...
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