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Silly Phone Rumors


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How do they get started? How does so much misinformation get spread around?


I've been told, with a straight face, that the White iPhone is faster than the black one. No reason why, just, it's faster, "everybody knows it, we've done speedtests, and my white one runs smoother". From multiple people.


I've been told the white Galaxy S2 (epic touch) has Gorilla Glass, while the black one does not. I've also heard the opposite.


Has anyone else heard such things? I'm talking things like this, that are provably false, even at a moment's glance.

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I normally don't hear many rumors about phones as I do my own research then buy it without a lot of questions. What I do hear (and have corrected a sales associate of) is that Milwaukee's LTE deployment is complete when it wasn't even started. This was last Fall.

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The iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint reader, according to an analysis.


I want to know how to get that job, get paid to pull shit out of my ass all day.

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    • You may be right, and by no means am I saying I'd be happy paying more.  I just meant to express that in the big picture right now, and in my case scenario - the impact is negligible really...both (a) compared to my expectations going in but even far moreso (b) the comparative scale against a *slew* of other things where I'm having to pay far more than I used to, which really even was more of a catalyst behind what I posted than I stated upfront.  Some angles of inflation are just insane frankly, and $2-5 a line just isn't remotely near what I'd call a poster child example currently.  I still never received any text all that said btw...maybe the increases (***for now) only impacted native T-Mo older plans perhaps? 🤔
    • I forgot to mention, the 6.1 update kinda fixed one annoying bug for those of us who band lock. There has been a bug where when locked to NR-SA, if the phone overheats something will crash, you will lose signal and you can't change to any other bands without a restart. The loss of signal still occurs but now you can move back to LTE without restarting. 
    • May security update is out for TMO S22U
    • The price of EVERYTHING is going up.  Get used to it.  🙂 All companies lie.  Get used to it. Just choose which lying company is best for you.
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