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  1. i have noticed this on my iphone5 also. From my own troubleshoting and just watching the phone i have noticed that it seems to be both of the issues stated on this forum, i know im back in an LTE area but im still on 3G, after watching the phone for a mintue or 2 it flips to LTE, it seems the phone probably looked for an LTE signal when there was none or the signal was not acceptable and then just had to wait for the time to scan again, hopefully once the fine tuning adjustments are done this wont be an issue. Also if i am streaming video or music and maintain a good signal, wich now adays 3G seems to always have a great signal it wont look to flip to LTE. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Anyone know if the fact that I'm missing calls at around the same time every day sounds like a NV issue, spoke with an officer I work with who has sprint and lives two towns away and he said his wife started Missing calls about 2 weeks ago also
  3. i know I saw that email on a post somewhere and meant to write it down but forgot to before I left the page. So if anyone here knows that email can u please PM me or post it thank you
  4. yes I know, I had androids for my last 2 phones, we decided to switch to apple last upgrade, we r happy just miss some of the options
  5. is there any special number besides the normal customer service number I should call, the regular reps just tell u to reboot, airplane mode, ##update# even if I tell them everyone with sprint in this area has the same problem
  6. my area is not launched yet, does the iphone app have that capability that would be great!
  7. I agree, the legacy network capped it self, i am a moderate data user, netflix sometimes, mostly music streaming, but on the old network i could still watch a movie on netflix sometimes a little low resolution but so what, its a phone right? Its nice seeing "LTE" on my phone in most places now but if i could get a low ping with a steady download of 1mb or so it wouldnt matter to much to me what i was connected to.
  8. i havent missed any calls that i know of out of my home area, no voivemails popping up with no rings or anyone complaining, just happens that im home when im missing my overtime calls, guess i will have to proactively take overtime till this resolves itself. Thanks
  9. chicago is one of the areas i remember reading about things like this last year, so its not abnormal for this to happen even though we are a while into the upgrades? I guess since they are not fully completed anything can happen
  10. I have had sprint for almost 3 years now. Had a HTC evo shift for almost 2 years no issues, upgraded to iphone5 just over a year ago. They have been moving along with NV in my area pretty good have had LTE in my neighborhood steady for at least 4-5 months and just about 2 weeks ago got it at my work. Now the weird part about 2 weeks ago I call my wife from work and her phone rings like 5 times on my end then goes to voicemail, I try 2 or 3 times same result then text her I've been trying to call her and for her to call me she calls me with no issues. Within the last week my phone has been doing the same thing. Today and yesterday no ringing on my end from work then a voicemail pops up saying received about 15 mins ago. Trying some test yesterday I called my cell from my house phone after no activity for a while it rang on my end about 5 times then to voicemail, I was looking at my cell the while time had 2-4 bubbles. On the third try after 5 rings on my house phone side my cell starts ringing it now takes about 13 rings to goto voicemail, or when it goes through fairly quick its only 5-6 rings but they seem spaced out much longer As of now it seems to be only in and around my house not at work or other places. Could something with NV be causing this?
  11. Just as an update, I am now missing calls on a very consistent basis. After not using the Phone for a while. I am very reliant on my phone for overtime from work and it is now costing me money. Anyone else just start having this problem out of no where
  12. I was leaning toward that I remember reading here about a year ago in areas that were still being worked on that ppl were having this issue and text issues sporadically and they eventually worked them out with further completion of NV
  13. No neither one of us use google voice at all, regular sprint voicemail, but now mentioning voicemail the last few weeks I've noticed that after someone has called and I send them to voicemail it has taken a while for the voicemail alert to show up where as it used to show up very quick Side question of how many rings is sprint default before it goes to voicemail. I've called her at home testing and heard 4-5 rings on my end before her phone even rings
  14. It actually doesn't matter where the call is made from, and my phone is doing the same thing at home the last few days now. My job called me phone never rang on my end and a few minutes later a voicemail popped up. So I tried calling my phone from my house it rang about six times on the calling end then went to voice mail my cell phone never rang
  15. My wife and I have noticed in the last week or two that if I call her cell when I'm at work and she's home I hear it ring like 6 or 7 times then goes to her voicemail but her phone never rings. And same vice versa if I'm home and she's out. NV is still rolling out but we've had pretty steady LTE for the last month or two. It doesn't seem to happen when we r other places only home. At gone phones on wifi with 2 to 4 bars. Any ideas possible upgrade issues???
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