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  1. Are you talking about how it doesn't make the sound when it first starts or it's literally no sound from her?
  2. Idk I have been experiencing good battery life or at least it feels like great battery life compared to when I had my 5c. Id only get like 5 hours of usage. Now I'm getting 6hrs 30 min to 7hrs 30 mins. Also today I used the power saver option when it go down to 20% unlike yesterday.
  3. I got 6 hours and 42 minutes of screen on time on my iPhone 6. I'm not sure how normal that is. As I only got my iPhone 6 last week and had iOS 9or 9.1 on it. Until I downgraded to 8.4 so I could get 9 today.
  4. Have y'all updated to iOS 9.1 beta 1? So far I hear it's better than the iOS 9 beta or GM build and excellent battery life. I just installed and so far so good. I'll see tomorrow though when I get a full days worth of usage tomorrow. Oh and I noticed the carrier profile is 21.5 and the prl is 55029. I believe it used to be 55028?? Oh and there's some new emojis.
  5. Yea because I was going to use AppleCare if I don't have to use TEP because to me AppleCare is better than sprints TEP for iPhones.
  6. When you lease an iPhone from sprint do you have to have the total equipment protection added on?
  7. I just updated my prl on my 5c its prl 55023
  8. Texting shouldnt be an issue and can't you just use google voice when there's wifi if she wants to use her personal phone #? If not then she might just wanna get a cheap prepaid phone from over there.
  9. My best battery life on my 5c. Notice how much I was on YouTube. http://postimg.org/image/i557q1ijh/
  10. I wonder if your battery is bad I'm on iOS 8.0.2 on my 5c and my battery even with heavy usage doesn't drop from 60 to 40 within 20 minutes. To be honest it seems better than when I was on iOS 7
  11. I agree I wish that someone would make a video but of them actually trying to bend but of it in their pockets over time.
  12. He made another video of him bending the 6+ to prove it wasn't a fake.
  13. I don't like how the camera app only shows the most recent pictures. The rest you have to either do an search or go to thing were it shows you the day or year or location to see all pictures.
  14. Never thought about that... Crap.. That is super annoying. Hopefully Apple made it easier for devs to update their apps to support all the screen sizes.
  15. The same thing happens on my 5c on the bottom left side of the phone. If I put I press it on it makes a popping/squeaky sound. So like a week after I got it I took in and they said nothing was wrong.
  16. same is true on my iPhone 5C. But not on the 4s. I'm guessing it's just with the newer models.
  17. It shows no roaming either for some of the newer devices like the S5 or S4. So something must be going on.
  18. I thought that the FCC said that they were going to force the carriers to have domestic unlocks available. Sometime soon.
  19. The iPhone 4 doesn't have a SIM card slot on sprint. So i would figure it'd be the only one that can't be used on gsm networks but the 4s the 5 and the 5s and 5c all have the ability.
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