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  1. Yes, that means CDMA is thinned significantly.
  2. Interesting, wasn't aware of any UE relay sites here in NYC. Will have to ask some folks.
  3. I carry a Sprint and Verizon phone for work, as well as a T-Mobile device, Note8, S8, and S8+ respectively, so I get to use all three networks on a consistent basis. Sprint's claims of 1% are usually spot on in my experience. May not be the fastest, but it works. That's the real tag line, works for me. T-Mobile usually blows away Sprint in terms of raw speeds, but it's very inconsistent. For example, was in Denver last week, and Verizon bounced between great LTE and 1x, T-Mobile was strong signals but piss poor throughput, and Sprint had 3CA everywhere I went. Sprint needs to make their network work better across the board, and not be limited to city hotspots.
  4. Eh, I have a T-Mobile line and while it looks great on cherry picked speedtest screenshots, it really isn't awesome when you're in an urban environment where coverage starts lacking in building. For example, in my apartment in NYC, my Verizon phone is receiving a -97dB B4 signal, Sprint is parked on a -104dB B41, and T-Mobile is showing a -112dB B4 signal. SNR for all three devices is anywhere from 2.5 to 6dB. A speedtest on all three at the same time shows: Verizon: 40.81dl/29.55ul Sprint: 10.39dl/4.28ul T-Mobile: 6.38dl/12.76ul
  5. I'm pretty happy with mine, just got a T-Mobile SIM to test out with. Now just need to flash the 8.0 beta and see what Oreo is all about.
  6. Testing out T-Mobile right now on an Essential device. Any cool perks I should be aware of? Already downloaded Thank You Tuesdays. I'm on the 6GB LTE plan, which includes BingeOn and MusicFreedom, anywhere to check what services are included?
  7. I ordered the phone on a Saturday, used one of my current lines which was upgrade eligible. Once I received the shipment notification I called into Sprint and asked if I could pay off the device. The rep was very helpful and processed my payment on the spot. Afterwards I saw that online my upgrade eligiblity was reset to Friday's standings Cost: $35+tax for downpayment and overnight shipment, $157.08 to terminate lease which included the $30 to buy the phone. Not bad at all for a good looking phone I can keep for OS testing and random usage.
  8. The carrier unlocked models are SM-G950U1 and G955U1 for the S8/S8+ and SM-N950U1 for the Note8 Unlocked. S8/S8+ and Note8 are technically universal in that the core base is the same, so you can flash carrier binaries on top of it to get carrier-specific features, but that does not unlock the SIM. For example, I have an S8 which is originally Sprint SIM locked. I got it unlocked, and flashed the unlocked binary (G950U1) on it. This allows me to use any SIM, both domestic and international with the same phone. Was just in South Korea at Samsung HQ and used Korean Telecom SIM on my device with no issues.
  9. I love the DeX unit. Use it daily on both my S8 and Note8
  10. By the time 600mhz is available in NJ LG will be on the V50, please keep that in mind.
  11. Honestly I would just use a hotspot, either on the phone or an external one.
  12. http://www.cablefree.net/wirelesstechnology/4glte/lte-carrier-frequency-earfcn/
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