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  1. So far this phone is pretty good. Battery is decent, screen is awesome. I pulled 110mbps on it also
  2. Is anyone else having an issue with the head phone jack? Mine is loose and cable falls out. Especially auxiliary cables
  3. Got my phone today. Waiting on the sim from Sprint. Since I preordered how do we get out gift card. I need to order cables and chargers.
  4. Got mine today. When do we get this gift card if you preordered. I'm going to order more cabels
  5. I checked tempary authorization there it was. Hopefully this week it'll ship
  6. What size sim card I went to a corporate store they had no clue. Will the nexus 6 nano sim fit?
  7. I'm still on the d build of 5.1. Does LMY47I fix memory leak. Plus how long does it take for the ota
  8. i have the d build and i constantly keep loosing data connection. have to cycle airplane mode even though im on band 41 at -90dm
  9. I factory reset my phone three times and pulled the ota. Can we get to engineering screen now?
  10. Does this fix the duplicate texts. I'm on my nexus 5 witch has 5.1. Still waiting for the nexus 6 to pull the ota
  11. In ct band 41 is coming quickly. Ive noticed there going to the towers they first did 1900lte. Band 41 is nice in congested areas
  12. Im in actual lucent market. Does it alot never on b41 though. Delayed sent message. Just kept saying sending. Got my nexus 5 and no duplicates. Its not just my n6 two buddies of mine do the same thing. Another problem i noticed on the n6 is the burn in.
  13. I had to go back to nexus 5. How I missed having LTE and being able to text. So many duplicate texts
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