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I used to tether all the time on my Blackberry, but have not been able to get any tethering program to work with the Galaxy S3. I have tried multiple apps, but always get this error message:


"Unable to connect to data network, turning off Hotspot. Your plan may not have the Hotspot service, please contact your phone company."


I also get another error called "Error 67", but I can't do a screen capture quick enough to get the details.


Has anyone resolved this issue? I have not tried tethering using USB, and also have not tried any paid apps because I'm not sure any of them will work.




By the way, the 4G LTE in the Chicago area is amazing. There have been multiple times when I have had to turn off the Wi-Fi on my phone in Starbucks or Panera because it was so slow. I turn Wi-Fi off and just use 4G and the speed picks up significantly.

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Have you enabled the tethering service on your Sprint account? That is the only way to do this under the standard contract terms. Tethering without enabling the billed service is not supposed to work.


And BTW, I believe that discussion of how to subvert the terms of service is a violation of S4GRU's policy.

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Call Sprint and add a Phone as Modem option to your plan; I believe it's $20 per month for 2GB or $50 for 6GB of tethered use. Note that on-device data usage remains unlimited.


LTE is coming quickly to my area, I can't wait until I get an LTE-capable device and LTE service. The towers are coming online, but so far not in the areas of town I frequent. Soon!

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boomerbubba is correct. Tethering requires an add on plan, which can be activated/deactivated and prorated as needed. Use of third party apps to circumvent the add on plan violates Sprint's Ts and Cs and discussion of such violates S4GRU's rules. This is the sacrifice that you make for having unlimited *handset* data, folks.


Thread closed.



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