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Found 6 results

  1. So im going to finally root my gs3, but I have never rooted. I have been researching how to root since I got this phone. Im looking for opinions on roms for my first time getting a rom. I was thinking about the peoples rom.
  2. Just wondering if other people have noticed increased battery life after alot of the NV upgrades as I have here in NYC. I typically would get between 7-8hrs on a GS3 on full charge. Now, using my girlfriends GS3, I get nearly 10hrs. That is a solid 20-30% increase in battery life. I did expect a slight bump in battery life..but not as much as I have ended up getting.. As a side note, I purchased an HTC ONE on release date and get about 12hrs on one charge with heavy use.
  3. http://www.androidguys.com/2013/03/14/amazon-offering-drastically-discounted-galaxy-s-3-galaxy-note-2/ Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon: Black, Blue, White ($0.01) AT&T: Blue, White, Red ($49.99) Sprint: Blue, White ($0.01) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sprint: Titanium, White ($69.99) AT&T: Titanium, White ($149.99)
  4. jmafisher


    I used to tether all the time on my Blackberry, but have not been able to get any tethering program to work with the Galaxy S3. I have tried multiple apps, but always get this error message: "Unable to connect to data network, turning off Hotspot. Your plan may not have the Hotspot service, please contact your phone company." I also get another error called "Error 67", but I can't do a screen capture quick enough to get the details. Has anyone resolved this issue? I have not tried tethering using USB, and also have not tried any paid apps because I'm not sure any of them will
  5. So, after having my Gs3 for a couple months, and the wife has had her Gs3 since September as well, we're both seeing a few "quirks" with the GS3 working properly with the Airvana femtocell. I finally broke down and called Sprint today, and after a 41 minute conversation with tech, they are going to send out the Airave 2.5 (the newest one that came out in ??June?? or so). I just got this one last year around Feb 2011, when they introduced the 3G version...so maybe this will fix the problems I've been seeing lately (like the same text message being received like 10 times, or someone receivi
  6. So...I'm impatient. Just got off the phone with Sprint and "bought out" my upgrade eligibility from 8/1/12 to today, for $45. So, barring issues with my "SERO Premium" plan (I paid $10 more per month starting 10/1/10 in order to be able to use an Android device, plus another $10 for premium data, over the old $30 rate), I should be able to preorder a lovely blue 32GB Galaxy SIII later on today. Yes, I could have waited until the phone is actually out to buy out my eligibility, or waited a month and a half beyond that and gotten my upgrade without paying a buyout fee. But, the way I fig
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