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  1. This happened to me several months ago in Mount Prospect. It is a known issue with Sprint, and it seems to be happening where they are cutting over new towers with multiple vendor equipment. I have not had the problem for a long time. It would only happen when the phone (mine is a Samsung G3) went into LTE. It would revert back to the right time when it went to 3G. I would call Sprint and report the problem.
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    I used to tether all the time on my Blackberry, but have not been able to get any tethering program to work with the Galaxy S3. I have tried multiple apps, but always get this error message: "Unable to connect to data network, turning off Hotspot. Your plan may not have the Hotspot service, please contact your phone company." I also get another error called "Error 67", but I can't do a screen capture quick enough to get the details. Has anyone resolved this issue? I have not tried tethering using USB, and also have not tried any paid apps because I'm not sure any of them will work. Thanks. By the way, the 4G LTE in the Chicago area is amazing. There have been multiple times when I have had to turn off the Wi-Fi on my phone in Starbucks or Panera because it was so slow. I turn Wi-Fi off and just use 4G and the speed picks up significantly.
  3. welcome to the site. It has a lot of great info and at last, the Chicago area seems to be progressing well. I'm seeing more and more 4G in my area (Mount Prospect) which is great.
  4. I got 4G at home today in ,Mount Prospect, for the first time (between Golf and NW Highway just west of Rt 83). Had 5MB upload and 4MB download. Then it all stopped, so hopefully they are testing things out and it will be permanent. So, when Sprint announces 4G in the Chicaog market, will they turn on all the towers at that point? It's a bit frustrating having 4G come and go.
  5. Thanks Robert. I never thought about doing that, but it is a simple and quick fix. LMAO...
  6. I was at the Intersection of Rand Road and Route 83 this morning, got 4G signal and did a speed test. It was 25.7Mb download and 7.8Mb upload. Blazing fast. However, my phone (Galaxy Siii) went into Eastern Time. Now I notice that whenever I get to a 4G area, the phone goes to Eastern Time, then when I go to a 3G area it reverts back to Central time. Called Sprint for a laugh and they admitted it's a known problem, just like the dropped calls. Said I will get a credit at some point, but I'm not holding my breath. By the way, the tower in downtown Mount Prospect on Northwest Highway was putting out 4G, but is not doing so today. Sprint said it should be fixed in a few days.
  7. You are right BenChase7 the airave support people said it just amplifies voice anyway not data Thanks
  8. By the way, I have an Airave at home. I understand that is only good for 3G, so if I start getting 4G signals near my home I assume I would need to turn it off to get the 4G, is there a setting on the Airave to get 4G or a 4G ariave? Thanks
  9. Chicago: Have had several 4G sightings in the NW suburbs. On Wednesday I got 4G in downtown Mount Prospect. Signal was not overly strong but got 5MB Download on Speedtest. Just got another reading in Wheeling just south of the RAM restaurant (Milwaukee and Lake Cook Road) at 1:00 this afternoon. Good to see them popping up, and also good to see my SG3 picking up the 4G signal without going through all that airplane mode crap. Chicago is starting to light up!!
  10. Another Chicago 4G Update I was in Riverwoods Il, at Milwaukee Ave and Deerfield Road yesterday morning (Oct 1) and got a 4G LTE signal. The 1X showed full bars, so I went into Debug and got the RSPS reading, which was -112. I did a quick speed test and here are the results: Download = 4434kbps Upload = 819 kbps Ping = 60ms I didn't have to do any of the airplane mode, it just went into 4G and stayed there. For that bad a signal, 4.4mpbs isn't bad for download. Hope they do something closer to home soon. Isn't Sprint supposed to announce that Chicago is Live on 4G sometime this month?
  11. Yes, gr8nuguy, I was just reading about that issue with the android signal strength. The speed was much better than under 3G in any event. Thanks
  12. I got a strong 4G LTE signal yesterday on I355 around Maple Avenue in the West Suburban area of Chicago Metro. I had the Nav running on the phone and noticed the full bars 4G, so I quickly popped over to a data heavy app and it came up instantly. Was going to pull over and do a speed test, but the signal went away. I was south of Joliet most of the afternoon and had heard they have 4G there, but got no 4G signal at all.
  13. I'm going fishing in Canada in a week and wanted to know if there are coverage maps available? I'm going to be on an island that is about 90 miles north of International Falls in Eagle Lake (century lodge). The coordinates are 49.547155,-93.054543. When I talked with Sprint they said the don't have coverage maps of Canada, but I thought someone on this forum might have more information. THe cost is minimal ($2.99 per month), and I'm only going to be there for 5 days, but I don't know if I could really get any coverage. I have not been to this place before and have had issues in other remote places in Canada. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. I finally got an AIrave ordered. I couldn't get one because there was a tower issue in my area and they weren't able to determine the signal strength issue until that was fixed. Took 27 days btw for them to fix a tower... seems like a long time to me. Anyway, I remember reading someplace that if you are using an Airave, the minutes don't count against your quota of minutes. I have unlimited talk, but if this is the case I could most likely go to a lower minute plan since I work at home and do a lot of calls from there. Does anyone know if this is the case? I didn't want to ask the rep while he was signing me up for the Airave. Also, he said that since they have had a rush on them, it may take two or three weeks to get mine. Robert, seems like you post has had quite an effect on the Airave availability , which is great. I wish I would have known about this several years ago. Thanks
  15. There are two new towers in the Chicago metro area. One is smack dab in the middle of O'Hare Airport The other is in the Indiana Dunes area, by Marquette Park. I looked all around the area and those were the only two I found.
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