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  1. Ok I used the wrong wording. I apologize. I keep forgetting that 99.9% of the users here are much smarter in the mobile area then I am. So the way I took it is they have already started to move sprint frequencies and resources to the new T-Mobile so the sprint side is getting over congested. Again I’m sorry for saying throttling I was explaining to my wife and oldest child which do not understand all the technical things and it just carried over to my post
  2. So I talked to a friend of mine that works for sprint/T-Mobile and yes they are now throttling all sprint users now and they want all sprint users swapped to T-Mobile sims by the end of the year
  3. I live in metro Detroit and it feels like I am now being throttled with my sprint SIM card. Twitch won’t play anymore unless I am connected to WiFi, I keep getting connection issues using my bank app, and Amazon . Those are other apps that won’t run properly. My wife and 17 year old are also having issues with different apps/web. All our iPhones are up to date and have been restarted. Just curious if anyone else is also having issues
  4. So I am in the market for a new wireless router. The details about network usage and other details. The house is a ranch home with basement.The router will need to be in the basement.There are 3 mmo gamers in my house, but my computer and my wife's will be connected by ethernet cable. I would prefer to have wireless access outside with or without a booster or access point. Now I would like to use a VPN router but with the mmo I play, does not support its players using a VPN, and the authentication servers will always think someone is trying to hack my account and force me to reset my passwor
  5. I have seen a huge improvement in coverage across the metro area going from Livonia to Warren after I got rid of my GS3 and moved to the LG G3.
  6. Luuminator

    LG G3

    Netflix looks really good on it. FYI on root. root is out now on xda http://tinyurl.com/pjwb9ph
  7. So I have been reading reviews for the last 2 days about theses phone and I am still unable to decide and am looking for everyone's opinions. I plan on getting the phone thos evening. Thanks everyone
  8. Most of the time my son watches babyfirst tv, sprout for thomas and friends and the Disney channels for mickey mouse, jake and the neverland pirates, and doc mcstuffins.
  9. The base price is not discountable only the data package is
  10. Also Sprint could turn off a tower's lte for any reason for any length of time with no reason what so ever and do not have to say anything.
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