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Touchwiz Jelly Bean Leak


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Although this is talked about in the http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/2061-new-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-update/ thread, that thread was created because of the L13 update so just the JB leak can be discussed by those of us willing to try it out.


Link to the JB leak http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1910947

Follow these instructions if you want to keep root afterwords.

1 - Download the two zips in the the link (one is the rom and other is the new modem)

2 - Flash ROM/Update

3 - Flash ModemAIO Radio Zip

4 - Flash Team Epic Root from Recovery

5 - Reboot


Before I installed I did go back to stock and then updated all the way to L13, then rerooted to install the leak. During set up I did not have it sync with google to grab all my old apps. Was making it as fresh of an install as possible.


So far this seem alot faster than IC. Really liking the new modem so far also. Doing speedtest here at the house with IC I always averaged right at 900 to 1M. On the new modem I a getting at least 1.5M and have gotten as high as 2.6. Average seems to be about 1.7M


Over all, the phone feels to be running faster. I have had one freeze up where it stopped responding. Some people are reporting that Superuser isn't working but I haven't used any app yet that requires it.


Really haven't do any customization yet as went to bed shortly after install but will be messing with it today. Probably going to be using the folders a lot which previously I only used on other launchers and custom roms.



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At this point, I'm not sure whether battery life has taken a hit or whether I've just done a lot on my phone in the past 16 hours, beginning with the firmware upgrade. I'm going to go with the latter for now :)


I'll echo Richmc about the experience on JB being smoother than on ICS. There are still times when things will take a second to load, but those times are fewer and farther between.


At some point I need to see if GWallet still works on here; it's acting as if Ive rooted the phone when I haven't (though I had to flash CWM to get the update on board). Guess I need to figure out where the nearest PayPass-enabled merchant is first.


On the modem side, I'm not getting any better 3G speeds than I did before (not too surprising since I'm 99% sure my sector is carrier-limited rather than signal or backhaul limited). I am, however, getting better latency; I hit 81ms to Dallas last night over eHRPD.


Some pieces of the UI are more thoughtfully designed as well. The pull-down shade now has less options (no vibrate/silent, no airplane mode), however there's no more scrolling (which annoyed me a bit) and you can still access those settings via the power button menu (where you can access silent/vibrate/non-silent with one touch vs. cycling through them). The phone app now makes it very visually clear when a call is still connecting versus when the connection has been established, and TouchWiz...somewhat...conforms to JB's swipe-up-to-delete philosophy on the home screens, though the trash can is still a touch target rather than a large area.

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I am running LIG build with LIH firmware/modem, waiting on the guy to drop the LIH ROM. Right now he has only posted just the firmware for that build, and so I went ahead and and flashed it.


On LIF I had some SOD and issues, but LIG hasn't given me that so far. Awesome leak, and all of the firmware leaks so far (LIF, LIG, LIH) have increased my 3g speeds and I got a 38 Mbps speed test on LTE, the fastest ever for me.


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Well I was getting better speeds with the first modem (LIF) so I went back to it. Now I have no mobile network and and now at work for the next 8 hours with a phone that has no connection to the network. Going to be a very long night.


Update: had to use activate device and updated plr and profile and now seems to be working

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Well I was getting better speeds with the first modem (LIF) so I went back to it. Now I have no mobile network and and now at work for the next 8 hours with a phone that has no connection to the network. Going to be a very long night.


Bummer. :td:


Robert via Samsung Galaxy S-III 32GB using Forum Runner

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