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  1. Man you all suck! [emoji23]. Once upon a time I might have pulled 200-300 Mbps in the start of LTE now at my house (Coweta by interstate) I might get 50 Mbps and my work I have to have a magic box just to get 20 Mbps but even outside at my work (Southwest Dekalb near interstate) I don't get but 20-30 Mbps either when I used to get 200 Mbps in the beginning as did I near my house as well. Definitely got tower saturation in my area. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. I'm not worried about 5G right now. It's too much in it's infancy. In 1.5 years it should be better and more selection of 5G phones. Thanks for the info. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  3. Question for someone knowledgeable. Is the Sprint Note 10+ compatible with all or most of T-Mobile's LTE bands? Got a deal on one for my wife and I during the black Friday time period and paying the $25 or so a month for 24 months to pay it off interest free. So wondering if I'm going to need to pay it off early and sell and get another phone or should be fine for the next 1.5 years or so? Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  4. Ok update. I factory reset my phone and the Magic Box Gold still does not broadcast a signal to it. I took it home set it up in my house, still no dice for the last 2-3 days that it has been on at either place. The Gen 2 Magic Box works fine but took about 3-4 hours before broadcasting the first time, then when I come into the office in the morning my phone will not connect to it no matter how many times I restart the phone or cycle airplane mode, but the Gen 2 was broadcasting the signal consistently for about 2 days before it didn't. Unplugging and plugging back in the Gen 2 gets it to broadcast a signal within 45 minutes to an hour an it will be fine again for probably another day or two. I'm just trying to figure out why these things quit broadcasting signals after a few days of being up and why the Gen 3 won't broadcast one at all. I assume the Gen 3 one is just a bad Magic Box at this point and I'm going to send it back.
  5. Ok about a month or less in what is the verdict. The wife and I are still enjoying our Note 8's. I used to be one of those that every 2 years I'm getting the new Note, but the price is so high for these and I don't really want to trade in our Note 8's. (I want to sell one and keep one as a spare or for my kid). The trade-in price for a Like New Note 8 is not really enough for me to trade it in to Samsung or Sprint. I'm waiting for the Black Friday deals where maybe I can catch a B1G1F offer for the Note 10+ on sprint, then I might pull the trigger.
  6. Ok so my issue now is I had a Magic Box Gold worked great till a few months ago. Now it only sporadically broadcasts the Band 41 signal. I have Signal Check Pro and also verify from other people that have Sprint in my office building. Sometimes when I reset it or reboot it it will broadcast a Band 41 signal after an hour or more (sometimes even 2-4 hours later). The box has GPS locked, LTE is connected, everything is fine but no devices connected. After a few months of this I finally chatted with Sprint last week and they sent me another box, granted they only sent me a Gen2 but I figured if it at least works it is better than nothing. I get it set up today wait a few hours and this one still doesn't broadcast a signal and on this one the GPS doesn't lock either. I call them and ask, and they say the box looks like it is working fine on their end, but my phone does not detect that signal at all. I even turned off Band 25 and Band 26 in my LTE settings on my Note 8 and restarted the phone and it will only connect to a Band 41 tower outside the building only. So for kicks and giggles I got back out the Magic Box Gold and put it another window, and it booted up just fine connected and says there is 1 device connected though my phone still does not show it as a signal at all. I still connect to an outside Band 25 tower. So I don't know what device in the office is connecting to it, but now I'm starting to think maybe something is wrong with my phone not seeing the signal. So i'm going to factory reset my phone tonight and see what happens. Would love to keep my Gold one and send back the other they gave me if it was just my phone, but it is weird if it was just my phone.
  7. Anybody had any issues with their Magic Box recently? I got the Gold version, but my Note 8 will not connect to it when it used to connect to it very easily all the time. I mean every few weeks I had to restart it or factory reset it to get it to connect but not very often. Now it won't connect to my phone no matter what I do with the magic box (factory reset or restart). The magicbox is connected to the LTE backhaul with Good signal. I have cycled airplane mode and restarted my phone over and over again. That doesn't help either. Help from sprint on Magic Boxes are a joke. There isn't a specific person that is really knowledgeable on them, and now that supposedly they are for businesses only, I'm not sure they would send me a replacement.
  8. Sounds like you are having signal strength issues. I don't have that problem except in rural areas (which there are many in Georgia). My problem is in urban and suburban areas, my signal level will be in the -80 to -95 range (which is perfectly acceptable for LTE) and I will get very low download speeds and the speedtest will error out for upload most of the time. The upload speed and latency is I believe #1 issues Sprint has on its networks. I can get by with 5-10 Mbps, but when the upload doesn't even register, then that is your bottleneck. That always happens on the oversaturated towers where I most frequent.
  9. In the South Atlanta metro area T-mobile has worse coverage than Sprint, and sprint is pretty poor in a lot of areas as well, and it isn't necessarily towers as much as not enough capacity and overloaded towers in places like Newnan and South Dekalb County. Verizon by far is the best coverage for all of metro Atlanta especially the southside of the metro. I have stayed with Sprint because it was cheaper and knew I would have to deal with speed and coverage issues. If it gets worse post T-mobile merger I may have to bounce. My mom has T-mobile and she is always having issues with calls and data. I have rarely if ever seen the T-mobile LTE roaming bands everyone on here has talked about. Still just on oversaturated Sprint nodes toward my work (Dekalb county, GA) and my home county (Coweta County, GA). Hope this all works out and my bill stays the same or less for my unlimited plan that includes HD streaming videos, etc....
  10. New article and renders state that the phone will be more curvier than ever which will suck because there will be no glass screen protector that will fit it well enough, and no true protective case that won't interfere with access to the curved part of the screen. I'm so over curved displays. Finding a glass screen protector for my Note 8 that doesn't cause touchscreen issues in the corners is like finding a needle in a haystack. I get a good brand I liked. Break my existing one order same brand and because of the quality control at these Chinese factories every screen protector is just a little different, and recently I have just gotten a lot of duds. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Isn't calling plus essientially the same thing as VoLTE though? You are sending voice through LTE by checking the beta box. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. Anybody notice any T-Mobile LTE roaming yet on the Note 8? I see people in the Note 9 thread posting screen shots. I'm just wondering if they rolled it out for the Note 8 or not?
  13. Anyone notice horrible Upload speeds on the Note 8? When doing speedtests I am getting on average 0.1-0.5 Mbps at most. It has been that way for a while. I think it is probably Sprints oversaturated network and the fact that they are not focusing on Upload speeds as I see plenty of internet forums on Sprint on multiple types of device complaining about the same thing I am. The Pings skyrocket due to Upload speeds at least for me. It makes the data useless or non-existent due to the latency. i'll get 2-10 MBps Download indoors but that doesn't matter if the packet uploads take forever to be sent.
  14. It is connected to B41 at about -98 dBm. which the device calls good or excellent depending on the mood it is in. That should be plenty of signal to get good data, but my speedtest on a local server on my phone when I am on the magic box gives me anywhere from 100-500ms Ping, horrible jitter, 3 to 8 Mbps Down and the upload speeds are garbage like 0.01-0.03 KBps. When I go to the interior of the building my B25 kicks in due to building penetration and it doesn't ever want to reconnect to the magic box's B41 even when close to it once I have that B25 connection. The B25 connection is usually -101 to -110 dBm far less than signal wise than the B41 signal being put out by the Magic Box, but obviously my phone must detect a more stable connection on the B25 connection. My B25 tower speedtest is 40ms Ping better Jitter, 3 to 8 Mbps Down and about 2-3 Mbps Up. The problem with the B25 connection in the building is that even though it says its connected the data slows to a standstill or non-existent while in the center of my work building even though it says connected. That is why I wish the Magic Box would lock onto the B25 band instead of B41, because either something is wrong with my Magicbox or something is wrong with the tower the B41 is coming off of with those upload speeds and Ping values. If the Magic Box could transmit the B25 signal into the building since it has a better speed and connection I could get more access to data within the middle of my building which initially was the whole reason for getting the Magic Box to begin with. When I'm in my office by the window I never had issues with LTE begin with well except that B25 slows to a crawl from about 3pm-6pm (rush hour time frame) and the tower is oversaturated.
  15. Ok I have a question and I don't see how I can search the actual thread for the answer. I had a Magic Box Gen2 at my work. It never really helped that much as my office by the window and my phone preferred to just sit B25 signal it got rather than the B41 signal from the magic box. Of course in the middle of the building it didn't really help either. I only had a Good signal though. I got a Gen3 box and gave my Gen2 to my wife for her work, and I put it in a better signal location where it says Excellent, but still my phone would rather stay on my B25 signal than change over to the magic box. When I force it do so the ping is 200-500ms in most speed test checks and while I might get some decent speeds in some of those speed tests the phone is sluggish due to the latency. So I have a couple of questions. 1) Will the Magic Box ever support bands other than B41 like B25? 2) Is there any hope to make my Magic Box experience any better than it is now? I'm in the Atlanta metro area, and I have had some pretty horrible oversaturation issues with Sprint for the better part of the last 2-3 years. Slow speeds and when it is really jammed no internet at all. I am starting to worry when they switch on VoLTE how many bad dropped calls there are going to be based on my internet experience. If it wasn't tremendously cheaper to be on sprint I already would have moved to another carrier. The price is what keeps me with them.
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