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The Sprint markets of Tampa & Jacksonville are slated to begin Network Vision/LTE deployments in Summer 2012




by Robert Herron

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Friday, March 23, 2012 - 4:00 AM MDT


Another double Sunshine State announcement! We are now prepared to tell you about two more Round Two markets in Sprint's Network Vision/LTE deployment plans for 2012...


Tampa and Jacksonville!


Sprint's Network Vision vendor Ericsson is scheduled to begin these markets in the early Second Round. Ericsson and their subcontractors are scheduled to begin mobilization into these markets in July with the first sites starting to come live in August. This is an exciting development because this is the first time we have been able to announce start dates for a newly announced second round market.


Sprint's Tampa market


Sprint's Tampa market covers the whole Tampa Bay and Pinellas Peninsula region. Including the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, New Port Richey, St. Pete Beach, Dunedin, Brandon, Plant City, Apollo Beach, Tarpon Springs, Spring Hill, Brooksville and Zephyrhills. It is bordered by the Jacksonville market to the north, the Orlando market to the east and the Southwest Florida market to the south. The Tampa market will have 302 sites in total after Network Vision is complete.



Sprint's Tampa Market. All 300+ Network Vision sites are shown for the Tampa market in this map. Click on image to enlarge.


Sprint's Jacksonville market


Sprint's Jacksonville market includes most of North Florida and the First Coast. It includes Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, St. Augustine, Palatka, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Green Cove Springs, Starke, Inverness, Wildwood, Crystal River and Homosassa Springs. It is bordered by the Tampa and Orlando markets to the south and The Panhandle market to the west and the GA/SC Coast market to the north. A total of 356 Network Vision sites.



Sprint's Jacksonville Market. All of the approximately 350+ Network Vision sites are shown for the Jacksonville market in this map. Click on image to enlarge.


Although we know the scheduled start date...


It's exciting that we can tell you the start dates of the Tampa and Jacksonville markets. However, we cannot guarantee at this time that things will not change. Sprint has not officially announced these markets and for good reason.


Sprint has three different OEM vendors, with several different crews in many markets at once. There could be final permitting and design delays, some vendors and/or crews will work at different speeds, weather issues and any number of unforeseen circumstances to complicate matters even further.


The work hasn't started and they are keeping their options open. Sprint has said they may elect to slow down Network Vision in future quarters if cash flow becomes strained. And this could affect these markets.


All of these reasons explain why Sprint likely elected not to announce these markets themselves at this time. But we know you don't want to wait for Sprint to tell you! With these caveats understood, we are releasing the information about these markets as it exists to date.



Photo of Tampa skyline courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


We won't stop digging for you!


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates will continue to scour through the data and gather deployment information for your use. It is our intent to provide at a minimum, all the Sprint markets that will likely begin Network Vision/LTE upgrades in 2012. And we intend to release the remaining unnamed markets in the next week. We will not likely announce communities slated for 2013, because the dates we hold for 2013 markets appear very tentative and subject to change. With many variables to sort out between now and 2013. Sprint could make significant shifts in deployment plans based on dynamic need change, funding, market permitting difficulties, etc.


With the release of Tampa and Jacksonville markets today, that brings the total of Network Vision markets announced to 37. We have have a thread in our forums where we are keeping track of all the markets announced by Sprint and S4GRU.com. Click on this link here to view the Network Vision Market Running List.


Stay tuned to Sprint 4G Rollout Updates. On Monday we will be releasing the next two Round Two markets for Sprint Network Vision and LTE deployment. We will be talking about it in a few hours in advance in a S4GRU Live Chat at 9:30 PM Mountain Time on Sunday evening. Come join us!


800px-JaxLanding1.JPGPhoto of Downtown Jacksonville courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Information about the source: The information for all of our Network Vision information has been freely provided by several sources close to the Network Vision program who choose to remain anonymous. No source information will be released to protect anonymity.


Special thanks to S4GRU Member digiblur for creating the Tampa and Jacksonville market maps! Thank you!

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How were you able to get the date for Tampa/Jacksonville and not some of the others?

Ericsson working faster than originally planned and almost getting these markets into a round 1 situation..or 1.5?...

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How were you able to get the date for Tampa/Jacksonville and not some of the others? Ericsson working faster than originally planned and almost getting these markets into a round 1 situation..or 1.5?...


Sarge, I now have better schedules that when the earlier markets were announced. There is a string of schedule update articles coming out over the weekend and next week.



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