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  1. General Investing Forum

    Perhaps sell when there is another price spike due to rumor or other hype.
  2. General Investing Forum

    7% drop today as of now. Started buying Sprint (S) again @ $7.39
  3. Long time user thread

    4+ years S4GRU made me a better Sprint customer and investor.
  4. General Investing Forum

    After a long patience, Sprint (S) is back in the $7 range today. Now, I have to evaluate and decide if it is time to buy again. https://www.google.com/finance?q=NYSE%3AS
  5. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    Early April
  6. U.S. Cellular submitted bids for $327M worth of spectrum in FCC’s 600 MHz incentive auction http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/u-s-cellular-submitted-bids-for-327m-worth-spectrum-fcc-s-600-mhz-incentive-auction
  7. General Investing Forum

    I might start buying shares in Sprint (S) again if the price drops back into the low $7 range.
  8. Google Hangouts w/Voice (Was Google Voice)

    No complaints here after waiting years for this update. The threaded messaging view was my immediate benefit.
  9. Google Hangouts w/Voice (Was Google Voice)

    Dear Lord, the years of waiting for MMS and group texting are finally over!
  10. General Investing Forum

    Just sold off more shares of Sprint (S) @ $9.20 due to Tidal purchase and continued 52-week highs.
  11. Regardless of any backroom deals, having the President-Elect share credit is a publicity multiplier. Win-Win for both sides.
  12. Are you now going to visit your mother more than just once a year?