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  1. Well this is good to hear. I am thinking of returning to Sprint. according to a sales rep (since they are to always be trusted), supposedly Sprint's phones no longer have that huge 30 minute delay for trying to reconnect to LTE; Effectively negating the need to toggle airplane mode. I know what you said doesn't answer my inquiry and likely does not correlate to it, but seeing that the phones can switch from EVDO to LTE during an active data session, makes me hopeful that the rescan interval has also been improved. Also I have been out of the loop on Sprint stuff for almost two years. need to learn more about how reliable LTE connectivity has become with improvements and availability of band 41; unfortunately it seems that the South Bay market threads are dead.
  2. Seem likes much of this site is gone. No map updates from Rob. I need to know what South Bay Market is like now. I left Sprint for magenta pastures back in March of 2015. Would like to see if it would be worth returning.
  3. I signed up via your link, how soon will I be able to download the app? I'm anxious to try it out.
  4. Ah the Wells Fargo discount. When I first activated with Sprint, the store rep added that discount to my account. A hefty 27%. I miss it. Since Sprint decided to audit all the discounted accounts, I had no choice but to submit my current employer's info for the 18%.
  5. what is the breakdown for the lines? I have 4 lines on ED1500 and I pay 220 with taxes and fees Breakdown: 4 smartphones, 1 has the $11 insurance, I get 18% employer discount. Since I am paying 220 for 4 lines, i am curious to know how you are getting 5 lines for 230 assuming all lines are smartphones.
  6. actually you just need to pick up a prepaid tmobile sim. I've purchased them at Target, BestBuy and even at CVS. the activation is done online. During online activation, you are shown a variety of plans to go with. Only new activations have the $30, 100Minute/5GB plan option. This is the only time you can pick that plan. edit: I see the Walmart option bypasses the need to activate online. its all in one step.
  7. I am aware of that. But there is a band 25/26 site less than a mile from my work that is on the outskirts of town and the speeds there are maxing out at about 5Mbps on both bands. Site has been active for over a year. Optimization hasn't happened yet. Today I reactivated my Nexus 5 and saw the signal to be about -109 for both bands.
  8. So as it turns out, the Sprint coverage map was correct. Gonzales CA has band 41 active. It must have been turned on today because I actually get a bit of LTE in the house. (No LATE yesterday indoors) Sadly for being just turned on, I maxed out at 15 Mbps (speed test taken from about 1000 feet away from the tower.) Inside the house which is half a mile away. I maxed out at about 8. (Basically four iPhone signal dots vs 1 dot)
  9. Only once did i ever see speeds like that. It was before triband devices were very common like now. normally I only see speeds of like 10Mbps while band 25 would be like 5Mbps. Although once I got 30 down on band 26 in Fresno. usually its like 4...at least in Salinas, CA
  10. I agree with this. it states that in my town of Gonzales, CA that I should be surrounded by Band 41. This is not the case. we just barely got band 25 active less than 6 months ago and even then, I cant get LTE inside my house which is located approximately half a mile away. We dont even have CDMA 800 active yet.....unless the recent completion of moving the panels off a temporary tower back to their original location is an indication of this Spark upgrade. edit: I wonder when Robert will update his completion maps. This should give us some better insight.
  11. Either the battery is bad or maybe it's time to wipe and reflash the phone. The battery life on my Nexus 5 on lollipop actually rivals that of my iPhone 6.
  12. Any idea what are all the supported bands? I am assuming Quad-band GSM, but what about the WCDMA and LTE bands? Does it support Band 10 CDMA? I need to upgrade my dad's phone. He loved his old DuraXT but realized that a smartphone would be more useful. He's using my old single-band Galaxy S3 that he has come to dislike (he's still new to smartphones). He's fearful that it will break easily and complains of the poor battery life. Where can we buy one unlocked? I checked the kyocera website and was redirected to bluegrass cellular to purchase. even if Sprint can't whitelist it, I would consider a GSM provider for him just so he can have a rugged smart phone.
  13. 2 minutes?! I remember jail breaking ios5 required reinstalling the iOS software after doing the jailbreak. ( shows how long it's been since I've owned an another iPhone.)
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