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  1. Did the majority of the network just get VoLTE in the last few days? Heard on reddit that mainly the Dakotas are the only area that wasn't switched on. Upstate NY here, VoLTE live!
  2. Noticed hugely improved coverage along 17 a few weeks ago. Hopefully once B26 is tuned it'll be solid the whole way through. Anyone know if I-88 is solid from Binghamton to Albany yet? There were still a bunch of LTE --> 3G drops a few months ago when I checked. This should have been solid LTE years ago.
  3. Is there any truth to the merger holding up the VoLTE rollout? Are we at 50% completion, 75, etc.?
  4. My Xr just went out. 0 bars of LTE, now it's locked on 3G but doesn't have a data connection. 12.1.3 - Upstate NY
  5. The "Low" doesn't refer to the signal quality, there is Band 41 High and Band 41 Low - just a frequency thing. That's a decently usable signal, I wouldn't expect anything really noticeable out of a Gen 3.
  6. T-mobile used to be full speed when my phone would roam on it. Seems like users on reddit are reporting throttling as of late too. I've noticed this - it's unbearably slow now.
  7. I believe you need to contact Sprint as well. I had to do this when I sold my cellular Apple Watch.
  8. iPhone 7 works great on T-Mo native roaming - it's hard to know sometimes because it will often just say Sprint. This has been in effect since at least iOS 12.1. VoLTE does not work on iPhone 7 and below.
  9. VoLTE is prioritized, so calling shouldn't be an issue once that goes live. If your devices aren't connecting to the Magic Box's B41 signal, something is wrong. There shouldn't be a need to broadcast more bands from the MB, you either have a Magic Box issue or a device issue. I'd recommend calling support on that. In any case, if the Magic Box is getting a crap signal from the Macro site, then it can only broadcast crap out of it. Nothing that can really be done until your area has more site capacity. If you get a new Magic Box, you'll soon have the ability to connect it to your home internet for backhaul, rather than the slow cell site, so that may be worth looking into.
  10. My Gen2 is always on a -121dBm B41 signal as well. An improvement to -117 would be great and less "fringey." But, there's no reason not to use the Ethernet/Wi-Fi backhaul once enabled I suppose!
  11. Attics can reach 130-140ºF, though. Outside might be a bit more tolerable for the MB, unless you live in the Sahara. 🙂
  12. What's your area? I'm around Binghamton. Didn't know FiOS was coming....
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