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  1. Yeah, public wi-fi is a no go, especially if you're walking or on transit of some sort. I don't have Wi-Fi at work and find myself screwed when I'm on speakerphone and need to look something up for the call I'm on.
  2. Are iPhones likely to be lumped in with the S9 crew for 2019?
  3. burnout8488

    [PSA] Sprint announces GEN3 (4th iteration) Magic Box

    I don't see anything wrong with this. That's a pretty healthy upload too. (For Sprint in general) Is your phone experience impacted with these speeds at all?
  4. burnout8488

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Mine hangs on to a -123dBm B41 signal. Download is okay around 5Mbps, but upload is always basically 0.01Mbps... If it would latch on to B25, it would be a much better experience.
  5. burnout8488

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    So, are we going to talk about the new Wi-Fi toggle on the latest MB firmware update? Haven't seen a single word on it yet... Is this for current generation Magic Boxes, not the new one that is rumored to be releasing soon? Does it allow for Wi-Fi backhaul?
  6. I'm enjoying VoLTE on T-mo prepaid as well - very nice and I might be joining my fiancè's Framily plan once Sprint rolls it out. Didn't realize how nice it is to browse while on speakerphone after having Sprint for ten years. I find it odd that the overall vibe of the letter above is negative - it doesn't state that an alternative is rolling out that will be superior to Calling Plus. This might anger a lot of people that don't know that VoLTE is coming. Seems like it could have been written better to avoid angry customer service calls.
  7. I'm excited to see a list of compatible devices. iPhones will be easy via a carrier update, but it seems Android devices will need system updates pushed.
  8. burnout8488

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    Edit: delete
  9. burnout8488

    Verizon phone roaming on Sprint?

    Makes sense, thanks guys!
  10. Coming home from work yesterday I popped my work phone (VZ iPhone X) into field test mode only to see it connected to band 26. I was in a Verizon dead zone, but the phone didn’t say “extended” or anything. Is Sprint a roaming partner for Verizon? Think it would’ve authenticated and allowed a data stream had I gone further out of Verizon coverage? (It’s difficult finding a place that Verizon lacks service here)
  11. burnout8488

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    I would think any Macro site that is supplying the backhaul with VoLTE enabled would mean Magic Boxes get it too.
  12. There will probably be a press release of some sort, followed by a carrier update on your device. Then, the feature should show up to be toggled on/off.
  13. Got my best speedtest of all time on that site a few years ago. 106Mbps IIRC.
  14. Actually, it looks like Delaware is finally filled in with LTE after the last map update. Next time I'm down there I'm excited to try it out down 13 past Dover.
  15. My friend raves about T-Mobile in DE. He would get LTE down to Felton without issue, never drops to 4G. Fast around the air force base, and seems to have good coverage even out in farm country. From personal experience, T-Mobile has been killing Sprint in Delaware for years.