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  1. There will probably be a press release of some sort, followed by a carrier update on your device. Then, the feature should show up to be toggled on/off.
  2. Got my best speedtest of all time on that site a few years ago. 106Mbps IIRC.
  3. Actually, it looks like Delaware is finally filled in with LTE after the last map update. Next time I'm down there I'm excited to try it out down 13 past Dover.
  4. My friend raves about T-Mobile in DE. He would get LTE down to Felton without issue, never drops to 4G. Fast around the air force base, and seems to have good coverage even out in farm country. From personal experience, T-Mobile has been killing Sprint in Delaware for years.
  5. burnout8488

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    The point of the Magic Box isn't to bring 30Mbps into homes (where 99% of people have Wi-Fi anyways), it's to fill the inside of a home or business with full LTE for the ability to message and call once VoLTE hits. My home gets 1-5Mbps on Magic Box as well, but my basement has full signal and is a completely usable location for anything my iPhone can do. Youtube, Facebook, iMessage...etc. Phones would drop to 3G or 1x prior to installing the MB.
  6. burnout8488

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    Great news. I wonder if this will come with a subsequent final bump of B26 power levels to absolutely ensure the voice footprint is as close to 1x as it can get. It's good to see that NY and Delaware are absent from the soft launch, as they are definitely not ready yet. Sprint must know this, and is hopefully taking measures to get these markets up to snuff before finishing the VoLTE rollout.
  7. burnout8488

    Calling 911 experiences while roaming?

    So if I'm in the woods next to a T-Mobile only site on a new iPhone, and my Sprint device shows "No Service," it will attempt the call over T-Mobile?
  8. burnout8488

    Charter Introduces Spectrum Mobile

    Same - I plan on being a Spectrum internet customer by the end of September and this would be great if they did iPhone/BYOD. I wonder if it's intentionally limited now to slow adoption.
  9. burnout8488

    Charter Introduces Spectrum Mobile

    Clickable: http://spectrummobile.com
  10. burnout8488

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I've taken a peek inside a Gen2 magic box and didn't see anything resembling good 'ol RJ-45 ethernet, but it may use ethernet over a proprietary ribbon cable of some sort. Unless someone has cracked into one deeper than I have and knows otherwise! 🙂
  11. burnout8488

    Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    Really - that's good info! Sounds like they're using them as a backup plan....
  12. burnout8488

    Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    These were discontinued by Sprint. Third parties cannot transfer or sell them, as Sprint technically owns each one in the wild.
  13. burnout8488

    Xperia XZ2 Compact

    Low chance it will arrive on Sprint without B25 support, unfortunately.
  14. burnout8488

    3G Shutdown

    An unannounced 3G shutdown would definitely cause problems for a lot of customers, as outdated as they may be!
  15. burnout8488

    New Verizon MVNO

    "Blurry mess" is hugely exaggerated. 480p is completely adequate on my iPhone 7 - most people will probably never know the difference. I just set Youtube to 480p and it looks crisp, I can barely tell the difference between 1080p and 480p.