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  1. Anybody have no reception in Rehobeth beach? I had nothing last weekend. Ocean City was a little better,
  2. I agree with previous poster service in beaches was non existent. Although I was having problems in new Castle County also. Almost no lte in Hockessin area
  3. So is Delaware officially LTE now? Sorry i didn't read whole thread but I am in town from Ohio. I haven't seen it yet in Hockessin/Newark area. The 3g is pretty quick though. I am heading to the beach soon will check that out.
  4. Is Hilliard area live now? A friend of mine said they got LTE on Rome Hilliard today.
  5. Anybody still snowed in? I have a few co workers who live in the City of Columbus who still havent seen a plow. Also, how long does it take to be updated to a sponsor? I pay palled some funds the other day. Thanks CJ
  6. Andy, what part of the city are you in?
  7. Ok thanks wasnt sure. A friend of mine was there this week and got LTE for a while. I cant afford to become a Sponsor right now but will hopefully in the future.
  8. Anybody know what region/market Portsmouth and Lucasville Ohio is in?
  9. Anyone map around OSU especially when there is a football game? Everytime I have been there have had almost no service even including text only.
  10. Well it looks like it is here http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint#q=43081
  11. Anyone have LTE light up recently? On another board someone said it came on around the Chipotle on Morse Road.
  12. Was sight seeing down town last weekend. LTE seemed to be working ok from Center city to about Chester but speeds werent that great though.
  13. I agree with some of the others. I understand it takes time, but putting up with crappy service is getting old. It doesnt matter where it is at in Columbus. I have problems from one end of Columbus to the other. Their customer service isnt much better and this is coming from a 15 year customer.
  14. I drove up to Marysville area and saw the same thing. I am glad they have done something finally in Westerville. A few months ago I couldnt even make a call around St Anns Hospital area.
  15. I saw it is supposed to be being worked on now. Anyone live here on here?
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