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  1. I updated my wife's phone with ##update# that is how I got the new PRL. I did the same to my daughter 4s and it also became 60797. I guess this is the new PRL for the 4S? I was having Multiple issues with the old PRL. My tower was just upgraded to NV and I was having Dropped calls, slow texts and weak data when i had always had very good service. As soon as i did the update everything went back to normal except for data speeds which more than doubled. Happy camper here.
  2. My wife's iphone 4s just updated and the new PRL is 60797 from 4397. The tower near by has just been upgraded to 3g NV.
  3. My bad. Typing on my phone and I didn't proof it. That's what happens when your excited and don't pay attention to what your doing.
  4. Not sure if this means anything. My tower was upgrades to LTE 3 months ago. It is 3/4 of a mile away. About 1/2 hour ago, my signal jumped to roaming and it also jumps between a tower 4 miles to the north with a weak Sprint signal. Could it be They are about to turn on 800smr on this tower? BTW i did not loose the LTE signal from the close tower just 3g.. Edit: signal is back to full strength. Getting 1.5 down and .75 up on 3g.
  5. Just had my nephew map by concord mills up odell School rd all the way to Poplar Tent. Made the left towards west and lost it shortly after. Need the tower on the corner of harris rd and poplar tent to go live. It's been showing has in progress for 3 weeks now. Hopefully soon.
  6. Looks like nTelos will start its LTE in the second half of 2013 and finishing sometime in 2014. http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/20121012/carriers/ntelos-track-second-half-2013-lte-launch/
  7. It has been mentioned that once a tower has been upgraded you might see a better signal up to 20% in some cases. Those of you that have the new 3g NV upgrades (not the band-aid fixes) have you seen better reception in those places where you had a weak or poor signal?
  8. Yeah i'm from Charlotte and the speeds are nowhere like it is here in Savannah. I thought thing were getting better but like here.
  9. Almost 1pm. Still great speed. Lots of tourist and people using their phones. Ping rate a little high but love those speeds.
  10. On vacation here in the historic distric of Savannah. Not paying $9.99 a day for the hotel wi-fi. I checked the network.vision weg site before i left home to see that many band-aid fixes have already been complete here. I am getting consistant 2.5 dpwn and 1.0 up. I have never seen speeds on my data plan like this. This is amazing and i can't wait for them to finish this at home. I'll post a speed test in a bit when the system gets a full load on it.
  11. This is fantastic news for our area. Thank you so muchfor the update !!!
  12. There have beed a band-aid fixes in Charlotte. This i can tell. Not everywhere though. The speeds during the peak hours are better then they have been in a long time. I can stream music and youtube for the most part anytime. Upload speeds are still very slow. But things are moving in the right direction and i'm happy about that.
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