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  1. Well today i was at aguadilla mall and i saw that sprint workers had a meeting in the "aguadilla mall conference room". Lots of sprint workers attended.
  2. Normal speeds... sprint is very congested in almost the entire island.
  3. Whats going on with Sprint/Open merge? I see that Open Mobile stores are changing to Boost Mobile but the signal and data speeds are the same (Less than 1 mb). Any news?
  4. RT @JoLoEsc: Not bad at all! #GalaxyS9Plus https://t.co/QgOGVy9BBO

  5. @JoLoEsc @MasterTechblog Snap esta bregando mejor... El exynos tiene problema con la batt segun reportes en XDA

  6. @AskPayPal you closed my account for no reason?? Even customer service doesnt know why it was closed. Shame on you… https://t.co/fz54Azen4E

  7. RT @gil423: @ANGELIQUEBURBU No le des mas promoción a esta gente !!! Su servicio es malo con cojones !!! Sprint es una mierda !!! https:…

  8. Ese momento… En que compras un perfume para regalar y no sabes si le va gustar o te va a odiar. #Nervios

  9. @lasexycandy25 ???

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