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  1. The processing on mine seems to smooth over any detail in a photo, making them look bad if you zoom in at all. I've also not noticed any better battery life coming from a note 9. At this point I kind of regret upgrading to the note 10+.
  2. I suppose if Cloudflare is having issues, that could cause issues with other websites. It wasn't Tapatalk that I was seeing an issue with though. It was Amazon, Best Buy, and others. I'm sure Cloudflare is used by quite a few companies.
  3. Is anyone having connection issues on the beta? I keep having connection time outs or getting connection not private errors with lots of sites and applications. Unsure what would cause it since it happens on wi-fi and mobile data.
  4. Most traders I see are dumping/shorting anything with a high debt risk, on top of the general market selling/shorting..
  5. I don't think traders liked the news to move towers off the traditional lease companies.
  6. I would think that negative deposit rates in the EU will begin to impact MNC cash holdings, likely before any tax holiday here in the US. Will be interesting to see how long there are negative rates in the EU. The big question would be whether companies will react to negative rates and use cash for acquisitions, or actually pay taxes and use it for dividends/share buybacks.
  7. I use Google Voice for voicemail/sms/calling so I'm guessing I don't see it since the voicemail app is never used for me. Have you tried disabling the app?
  8. Design looks like an Apple lawsuit waiting to happen.
  9. To me, SoftBank being the majority shareholder gives all the more reason for cuts to bring their investment, Sprint, back to positive FCF. They've already stated that they want to lower their fixed, operational, and finance costs. They are a publicly traded company, and have to mind their own shareholders on top of their investment goals. I would imagine if projects are bringing in revenue at a low cost that they won't be cut, but if the costs are not able to be controlled well that you would see the project scaled back region by region.
  10. I'm in the Samsung Pay beta, and it doesn't seem ike it is a beta - it seems pretty ready. I'm sure both Android Pay and Samsung Pay will work equally well when it comes to NFC terminals. Neither seem to do anything any better, except for rewards card functionality that's coming to Android Pay.
  11. For me Samsung Pay has been great and has worked flawlessly at every store with or without a NFC terminal. I don't think I'll bother with Android Pay since so few stores have NFC terminals here, and many of the ones that do have them, don't have them set up properly.
  12. They'd still have to report quite a lot each quarter due to their publicly offered debt I thought.
  13. Is there a trick to getting it to work? Every time I enable it and my phone indicates the service works, calls just give me the error that my call cannot be completed at this time. It obviously works through Hangouts/Voice but using Sprint's service.
  14. Their cost basis is way above the Sprint current price - I doubt they'd try to sell at this point, especially with concerns regarding global credit markets. Take control and leverage SoftBank for cheaper Sprint financing? Maybe, but I don't know if SoftBank wants complete ownership or they would have bought the rest of the stock when it was closer to $3.00 per share.
  15. I have to say, this is the first phone I've consistently been connected to 4G without needing any cycling of airplane mode. On my G2 I don't think I would have known Sprint had LTE in many places if I wouldn't have manually cycled the radio - that phone stuck on 3G way too much.
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