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  1. http://www.cnet.com/news/wait-what-sprint-boasts-superior-coverage-to-t-mobile-study-says/ http://www.rootmetrics.com/us/blog/special-reports/2015-1h-national-us#the-united-states-winner
  2. TMO shouldn't rest easy at #3, all Sprint needs to do is get USCC to that magical number, and boom Sprint will be #3 again... It's probably only a matter of time at this point ...
  3. These are the ad's Sprint needs to cut down and place on TV.... I like everything about this ad: Humbleness Directness Diversity of Sprint Crystal Clear Message on where Sprint is working to get. This is what I want to see during my NBA playoffs Half/Time Show.... ( and seeing Shaq fall on his ass for some comedy). Good Job, Marcelo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbBS6b-45FI
  4. Sprint Zone only shows me my Individual usage...No Shared Meter either
  5. Count me in, I'm missing my Shared Usage meter, as well as my Usage breakdown page.
  6. I'm on a Family Share plan.... and haven't been able to see "Shared" Usage meter at the top of page listing all my devices nor the page that shows you the Shared Usage along with each individual device usage... I hope this is just a glitch, anyone else have this problem?
  7. I feel like Jersey also brings the NYC score down significantly.... Sprint in Jersey still leaves a lot to be desired, especially Central Jerz, lots of holes.... Sprint really needs to focus on Jersey more, but in Sprint world Jersey is a completely different market from NYC.
  8. I'd be happy to have Penn Station, and the 3 Hudson River Tunnels (Lincoln, Holland, NJT/Amtrak) upgraded.
  9. I would love to a comparison of Credit quality of customers per Carriers.... Not much to brag about being number 3 if the majority of your subs are Garbage Deadbeats who don't pay their bills, that Sprint wanted to get rid of anyway... If those are the subs TMO is stealing to become number 3 then Sprint should gladly give them away, and proudly take the number 4 spot... Work on stealing the "Prime" subs from ATT and VZ, solidify a rock-solid network to also steal more Business/Corp Subs. Remember Nextel in its heyday was 5th largest but had the best, most credit worthy customers.. And was seen as the American Express of Cell Phone carriers
  10. As much as I criticize Sprint's lackluster marketing.... I will admit "Yellow" is not the problem... Its easily Identifiable, all carriers are identified by their colors, Red = V, Blue = T, Yellow = S, Pink = Legere. One thing I didn't like was Sprint getting away from bold simple Yellow/Black/White theme in Framily/Frobinson - Era, with Yellow on light Blue and other secondary colors.... NO, NO NO NO. Stick to what works. As for the "Sprint" name, I think it can still be salvaged, but time is running out .... Tech Blogs, Media, Forums are slaughtering this brand every minute of everyday ... A hype has built around Hating on Sprint and its everywhere on the internet... Its not going to be easy for Sprint to clean up.. After fixing the network itself, branding, marketing, reputation will be the 2nd biggest expenditure for S in its turnaround.... Marcelo's marketing is going to have to combat the negative hatred that has marinated throughout the interwebs which lets be honest is almost a Marketing campaign in and of itself.
  11. Another Day, Another Tech Blog Tear Down Piece of Sprint. This time courteous of Android Central and the Buying Out of RS. Hey give at least give them credit for going all out in Dressing Up the Pig http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-has-problems-and-buying-radioshack-stores-isnt-going-fix-them
  12. Can't really hit the Marketing message hard in the way we want Sprint to, until the Network experience is consistent... Right now its still too "Incomplete" to make claims. Sprint may also be at the mercy of waiting for the "Media" (Tech Blogs) to Validate its claims of a Much Improved Network, by showing head to head testing in various environments before the public will start to believe any "Sprint Works Now" type messaging. The potential Customers will need to see "Official" evidence first that.
  13. Post-Paid adds, simply will NOT turn around until the Network Experience is consistent... No amount of "Gimmicks" (Sorry Robert) will change that at this point. It has to be ALL ABOUT NETWORK, NOW, Nothing else will work, Nothing!
  14. I was just using it as a example of what I meant by "Indoor Transit Hubs" ... I go through Penn and PABT daily those are the main 2 that needs work from My Experience. At Penn you do have Amtrak and "Cable" Wifi to soften the blow, but neither are ubiquitous throughout Penn, and B26 only gets inside on the upper level over by the Big Board. When there's a delay B26 gets crushed as Penn looks more like a concentration camp as opposed to a train station.
  15. The only issue I have now with Sprint in NYC is the indoor transit hubs.... i.e Penn Station, Lower Level of Port Authority, Grand Central, WTC....other than that the Network is Awesome for me. Sprint really needs to tackle this issue NEXT! I hope this is apart of the Small Cell deployment schedule.
  16. I've always wondered, In NYC where you have huge Indoor Transit Hubs (Penn Station, Port Authority, Grand Central, WTC) with zillions of people moving through them damn near 24/7. I wonder is DAS systems or Small Cells the best route for Sprint to take to cover these High Volume Hubs? This is the missing piece of the "Solid NYC Network Coverage" puzzle in my daily travels..
  17. It one reason why I moved my lines from Framily, to Family Share.
  18. I started with an ASL 2 line limit 125$ per line deposit back in 2001..... Now I have a 12 line account, 10 is supposed to the Absolute Max rule for Personal Consumer Accounts.... Sprint will damn near give me anything I want at this point... Not Gloating, just showing where I came from and where Im at now...
  19. 12 lines total..... 27% NVP, 10lines/60GB Family Share (9 phones, 1 iPad), 1 iPad / 1GB Data, 1 Home Phone Connect.... Final Bill $270-275ish.... Im happy!
  20. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! Finally what we've all been waiting for, the missing piece of the puzzle... I hope we see more of this.... Its on point, no funny-duddy comedic BS, it responds to the negative sigma around the "Sprint" brand, and it takes ownership for the past mistakes (in a way).. This is marketing that matches the level of the other 3 players. They need to saturate the airwaves with this and the "Cut Your Bill" Ads, use their NBA sponsorship platform to the fullest extent. LOVE IT! More of this Sprint!
  21. Oh Yes, I have beat that same drum right here.... Cell Phone Bills are too damn high, its one reason TMO turn has been so successful, they hit the pulse of America wallets at exactly the right time.... But TMO built excellent Marketing Branding message to go along with that. I don't think there's one person in America who doesn't understand what "Uncarrier" is. I know you're tired of hearing me say this, but it is so pertinent to this conversation. Sprint needs a message to go along with these Gimmicks, by themselves they won't do much. Are people are tired of paying Verizon and ATT prices, YES!, but they also don't trust Sprint, or they believe the Bad/Negative stereotype of "Sprint Sucks"... TMO brand wasn't nearly as badly damage as Sprint is most people never had an opinion of TMO it was just that small 4th place "city" carrier. The Sprint brand has some Real Haters out there, Ex Sprint Users, Tech Blogs, Media, hell even Sprint's own community forums etc, are all actively Negative on Sprint... and this is what those same customers that Sprint is chasing down with this gimmick sees and reads all day everyday. As a matter of fact the only place out there to really countering that right now is S4GRU... Think about that, the ONLY place that tries to give Sprint a fair shot against all the Hatred Noise.
  22. But aren't these pure "Bottom Line Price" subs the same Sub-prime level customers that Sprint wants to avoid taking on?
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