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  1. Sprke

    Google Pixel 5

    How the RF performance on the Pixel 5? I’m hearing reports that it’s not as good as the 4...Comments?
  2. So the only reason to have multiple panels per sector is capacity?
  3. They don’t own any B12 or B5 in this area, so B14 is all they have for low band here. They can actually run everything else with this 1 panel?
  4. ATT is finally building out in SW Iowa. There’s a couple new towers now up, the antennas are still laying on the ground. I took a stroll over for a closer look. I have attached some pictures, this means these panels are capable of broadcasting B14, B2, B4 and B30? But not all 4? So they will for sure do B14 and only 2 of the other 3?
  5. Interested in knowing why there is 3 panels on one sector? What is that 3rd panel adding?
  6. Sprke

    Pixel 4/4XL

    What is the trick for activating eSIM on this phone? I have been on the phone with Sprint for 45 minutes and they just want me to keep factory resetting the phone. So irritating. When I go to the network menu and tap the plus button, then Sprint, it comes up with an error that i can't be activated. The IMEI and EID number have all been entered in on Sprints end. I have the unlocked Pixel 4 XL. I have had no problem activating eSIM on the previous Pixels I've had so I kinda thought I knew what I was doing
  7. Will Sprint activate any iPhone XS Max model? I have the international model which has the same bands as the US models and would like to activate it on Sprint.
  8. Does VoLTE work on any Pixel phones yet? What about VoLTE roaming on USC?
  9. What’s the point of these cells if they’re that hard to connect to? The regular customer isn’t going to know the cell is there let alone power cycle their phone to connect to it. If they’re there to help take the load off the macro network why aren’t th phones connecting to them normally?
  10. I know you were referring to Sprint but Verizon VoLTE is able to handoff to their LTEiRA partners and vise versa so it's definitely possible. On my Tmobile phone it will not handoff from a VoLTE call on US Cell to Tmobile. It won't go from a wifi call to VoLTE either on USC.
  11. There’s band 71 live on a tower in Omaha now. Also on one south of Omaha on I29. I mapped some on cellmapper Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It won’t work to call into the regular support team, it takes engineering to fix it and I got access through them by emailing John. The regular support team just give canned responses and I usually know more then they do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I was able to connect to USC yesterday afternoon. Works great. Shortly after that Tmobile called me to check if it was working. I pushed her on what they changed/fixed. She didn't know but said a lot of "technical jargon" was being passed around in emails regarding my account that was over her head. She did mention one of the last things they did was whitelist my phone. Not sure why they would need to do that because I'm using a Tmobile branded V30. She also said other customers were having issues connecting to USC. I did swap my SIM over to a Pixel 2XL and it wouldn't connect..so the phone does matter. I've used quite a bit of USC data now and it's showing as native usage on my account. I tested trying to carry a VoLTE call from USC to Tmobile and it won't do it . It just stayed on USC network even into Tmobile native and what finally dropped the call was when I crossed into NE where USC don't have VoLTE enabled. I was hoping it would be seamless coverage like Verizon and their LTEiRA partners. I can cross between their networks and it won't drop the call.
  14. I still haven't been able to connect anywhere in Iowa. The last couple days I've been all over Iowa and I've never connected. I sent an email to John Ledger which got me in contact with executive response team. They have been looking into it and they let me know last Monday there was a problem on the backend of my account and they have escalated it up to engineering. So you always have to manually connect? It won't automatically connect on it's own? What about when your on a VoLTE call on TMobile and you cross over to USC, would it hold the call? These are all scenarios I look forward to testing. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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