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  1. So just had a representative from sprint come to my house asking wear wireless service we have and then said t mobile and sprint are combining this summer. Kept saying that they are dumping a ton of money in the network and he could save us on our monthly bill. I basically told him I know what's going on and there is no reason to switch. Plus he said he could lower our bill. Which I really doubt it. My question is why are they doing door to door sales and wouldn't it be beneficial to get at&t and Verizon users? That was a first for me.
  2. Well I can tell that highway 6 heading to Blackhawk from Golden and then highway 119 to Blackhawk is mostly false. Verizon has small cells all along highway 6 through the canyon so sprint will roam through there. Once you get closer to Blackhawk then all carriers signal improves.
  3. So I just got the t mobile s20 plus, it shows 5g but sc is showing band 2. Is sc incorrect?
  4. Well they're similar one's up north off pecos from 92nd south to almost 36freeway that are t mobile
  5. Band 71 in north Denver like Thornton and Westminster sucks. I can't get above .5 on upload. Download with a 286 ping was under 1mbps. Mind you I was say 150 yards away from the site, went inside the store and it switched to sprint for a couple seconds then at&t
  6. That's great info thank you very much. Don't think t mobile is very active in Colorado for building 5g
  7. Fairly new. Maybe under two months. I know there is a 10 story or under office building in its path. But the hotel t mobile is on I believe is a couple stories higher. But maybe you're right about it will take some time for adjustments or whatever they need to still do. I can give you the address? But most of the band 71 sites aren't impressive right now.
  8. So -115 strength in band 71 inside a one story building, not much for obstructions and the site was a block and a half getting 1.6 mbps down and no upload. What's the story behind this? So far I haven't been impressed with band 71 especially comparing to band 26 on sprint
  9. Well shoot, my mom was right. Haha. So I guess she should stick it out for now and pay the price. Thank you for the great info I will pass that on. Wish there was a way to find out legit upgrades coming to that site. I should try and get a ticket started?
  10. Ok so my lives off juanita drive and 170th. She currently has sprint and likes her service there, she claims her brother who has t mobile doesn't have great service there. Trying to get my mom to switch cause it will be cheaper. Sprint and t mobile share a site so I'm not believing my mom that t mobile sucks there. So just wondering if you been around that area and if service is decent? Also how is t mobile there compared to sprint?
  11. Is there anybody in Kenmore Washington area? Needing some service update in some area's for my mom. Thanks
  12. Well I use to think the antennas to the left in the pic next to sprint's was Verizon. Nope t mobile Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. Haven't seen one like this. Do you know the logical reason for why carriers have different antenna setups?
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