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  1. That was when I was with Verizon. Im good with tmobile. I was able to get Verizon to take back my phone at no charge due to marginal service at my home.
  2. I shouldn't of left sprint but I like trying new thing's and we need band 71 bad in Colorado. Wasnt impressed with Verizon.
  3. I'll treasure a pic if a t mo site that looks line this, at&t in this market doesn't have setups like this unless it's their new setup.
  4. This t mo or at&t? Site just had antennas installed a couple weeks ago. No cabinets any where. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  5. Well made the switch to t mobile. So far really impressed.
  6. Alright, I'll look into that thank you. What is this exactly?
  7. I've thought about doing that. But going on my girlfriend's tmobile account I pay 40 bucks a month, I would be number 4 line. So I can't beat that
  8. Check out reddit and search Verizon. Lots of congested sites. But you do what you want. Try Verizon. But I'm not second guessing leaving and going to tmobile.
  9. I think I get what you're trying to ask. Basically congested sites are making me leave. I'm over calling them, I understand they can't fix anything overnight, I pay allot of money to a company that brags and advertises they have great speeds, great network all over the country and well it's crap for the most part. So I was able to get Verizon to cancel my line, take back my phone with no charge cause I have marginal service at home. They can't uphold their end of supplying consumers with a consistent reliable network in my area then why should I stay and pay that much? I shouldn't of left sprint.
  10. Well I tried Verizon, I shouldn't of switched from sprint, but tomorrow I will be turning in my phone and lte extender to Verizon tomorrow after I port my number to tmobile.
  11. jthawks


    I wish I could just pay out right on a phone, but a grand is allot.
  12. jthawks


    I tried it cause of their promotions, sprint doesn't care about 10 plus year customers they want new one's, which is understandable so I wanted to try something different. Also cause they say coverage and data speeds are the best. Which really isn't close. Been so disappointed with data speeds along with more hello can you here me now on almost every call. So in about another month I'm going to try tmobile. They will give up too 650 to pay off my phone with Verizon. I never had issue's with sprint. So I was the idiot that was trying to save money a month. Yes, Verizon promos are making my monthly payment less but service is crap, especially when sites are congested.
  13. Well besides Verizon locking their phone's I'm actually second guessing switching. The promos they offered aren't worth price, inconsistent data speeds, and calling tech support I never had issues, I was trying to save money, (yes save money on Verizon) but I never had data issues like I am having on Verizon and them telling to use wifi all the time. Not using wifi all the time for the amount of money i pay and for how much Verizon brags about their network. So one more month and if nothing changes then I'm going back.
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