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  1. Merger close?... It's a big wild guess! Nothing has gone as it should nor does it continue to go as normal.
  2. This is a perfect example why the merger would be good. When you combine what T Mo has with Sprint... and T Mobile's willingness and ability to work on the network ... it could only help this situation.
  3. I agree. Not sure how diligent they will be in providing a good 600MHz path and depth. I do read on TMO News, that they are progressing with 700 deployment as well, but the main focus has been 600. Do you think this merger will ultimately be completed?
  4. Red_Dog, Your posts are usually good ... you've tought me a lot, so thanks... but I have to say this... 1. Merger has not gone through. So no worries. 2. T Mobile 600 being deployed at a record pace as many on here have admitted to. Give it time. (Sprint would take years... just got Sprint 800 MHz in my area and how long has it been??) It works for crap anyway. 3. Sprint doesn't give up 800 for 3 years as it was written. They can also lease back, so I don't understand what the worries / issues are? None of it can be deployed instantly. 4. T Mobile owns very little 700 MHz, (5 or 10 MHz? and I don't think it's nation-wide) I think less than Sprint has 800 MHz... but they too are installing it as much as they can. Sadly, at the rate of all the states suing them, blocking and so forth on purely political reasons... not even sure this will actually happen. Now they're all crying that the FCC should/must open it up to public comment before their final vote . With a year and a half into the review, and the millions of pages of material submitted, there is no need or more review and re-review. Until then, .. your Sprint service should remain the same.
  5. I guess I'm confused by the potential congestion issues? Seems like a lot of spectrum potentially available in Brad the Beast's area? I don't think Verizon or AT&T has that much for the area... So is that a non-issue when all available spectrum is factored in?
  6. Has anyone written to their states Attorney Generals office to voice their approval of the merger and ask them to withdraw from the lawsuit? I have, as Michigan is one of the 14 states involved in the lawsuit. I highly suggest if you want this to go through and you live in one of the suing states, to take a moment and google your states attorney generals office email and send a note! If you live in Michigan, you can use this address: miag@michigan.gov
  7. Great article!!! It says everything including the migration plans! This is very great news for all of us!! I am very excited to have this all cleared up. Hopefully the court case is short and sweet. .. and get thrown out!
  8. The main difference is the call itself... one is (4G LTE) is done in a typical wireless call fashion.... VoLTE is a voice-call over the data side of the network... The "experts" on this forum can pick this up and explain further. Basically VoLTE allows a more efficient use of the network because the call is treated like a packet of data...
  9. By the time it becomes an issue, everyone should have new phones. No Band 12/66 or 71? That's old equipment in electronics age. When the transaction is complete, I'm pretty sure T Mobile will offer special deals to those with older Sprint handsets. I'm sure goal #1 will be to get everyone on the "efficient" part of the network to aid in closing down the Sprint side asap to help aid in refarming Sprint's. You have to remember, Sprint doesn't even have VoLTE everywhere yet and probably won't now. That network will be shut down / broken down into pieces as soon as possible from how T Mobile works. Use Metro PCS as an example.
  10. You guys are too much! A little B26 goes bye-bye for a bunch of 600mhz. And Sprint gets to keep 800 for 3 more years... are you really going to miss it that much?! Way more useful and a lot more of it considering they can use some or all of Dish's 600 holdings as well as their own. I'd say a divestiture was a foregone conclusion, but if that's all they had to give up (spectrum-wise) I'd say it was a great deal!
  11. Does Jeff68005 actually post anything other than on Keep a Word, Drop a word?       

  12. Ok guys... Play nice. There's alot of ego on this forum. Put it aside! Anyway... a really good USA Today new story today. A couple of points of interest in it: T-Mobile and Sprint must still resolve a lawsuit filed in June by 13 states and the District of Columbia to stop the merger. But representatives for several states say they are now reconsidering their involvement based on the news of a federal deal and its agreed-upon changes. T-Mobile says it's confident a settlement can be reached. For the past six or so years, T-Mobile has been the little guy forcing AT&T and Verizon to make changes. Adding Sprint's customers base allows Legere and his company to take that competition to the next level. Click here to read article: One big reason the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will be good for consumers
  13. They had said on the briefing that it was going to be a few weeks as the agreement is written up and formally signed by all parties. Sounded like the a week or two into August....
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