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  1. dro1984

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Does T-Mobile current have an equal devise to MB? If not... I'm guessing the writing is on the wall.
  2. dro1984

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    What kind of abuse are you talking about?! This is Sprint... The Unlimited Data network....
  3. dro1984

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I got rid of mine for the same reason... I was able to get a faster signal without it. It became a nuisance... and it started blocking my incoming calls which Sprint couldn't explain. Plug it in... everything went to voicemail. Unplug it and phone would receive call as normal. I personally think these will eventually bite Sprint in the behind as they get outdated. Software can only be updated so much before equipment is no longer useful. I can see the "New T-Mobile" getting rid of this equipment.
  4. I was here. Back even to when they send updates in our bills. That was a long time ago.
  5. Better than no information. I like to know if anything is being done.
  6. As an admitted novice to understanding some of this,... will the northern areas ever have more than 3mhz of B26? Is there a reason it's not 5 like the southern regions?
  7. New York and their dense upgraded network doesn't speak for the rest of us. Nor do I. I don't need anyone telling me that I should just "leave" as the answer. I already know that is an option. However, I am in it now due to phone commitments and my employer offering discounts on Sprint. Just can't pick up and leave. My Sprint signal strength has steadily degraded over the last 2-3 months as many others on here will attest to. I don't wish to argue... ...
  8. Sure thing. Thanks for the advice. Enjoy your Sprint experience.
  9. Here's my home speeds ... they used to be regularly 30mbps... now this... and as of late, this is pretty good. Still not what they used to be. But I have one year to used my discounted plan before I decide to stay or leave again. My hope is that the merger goes through. By the way... not a huge issue at home... as I can use WiFi
  10. Poor network is poor network. This is at work not my home, though my home speeds have fallen off substantially also. I have a great promo plan. You sir are in a great signal area if you are in fact in NYC so please don't pass judgement that all is well around the country because you have great network speeds.
  11. That available speed is almost like not having data at all. 0.17mbps....
  12. Here is an odd signal that I get all the time at work.... Not the best! Why is upload so much better than download?