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  1. Hey Jonny... I used to connect to B41 at my home all the time up until a year ago or so. I think some of it was moved/converted to N41 which was irritating. They have 160mHz or more in this area. They only had 20-40mhz deployed around me and then chose to convert some of that over. You are one of the lucky ones I guess. If Sprint network works great, then you have 2 networks that perform decently. Either one they move you to / shut off, you'll be ok until full integration.
  2. Agreed. It won't be easy. But something has to budge... if the state commission insisted on 93% or more coverage with a certain threshold of minimum speed... hopefully the FCC will continue to address the NIMBY's. I think some here, sadly, think this can all be done in a few weeks and there will be vast amounts of coverage everywhere. Most former Sprint accounts haven't even been moved over to the T-Mobile network yet, which still has to happen, only roaming has been unlocked. Nothing has changed in my neighborhood. In fact with all the talk and news articles of T-Mobile turning off Sprint's B41.... it's still on here and I can connect to it sometimes. Lots of work that hasn't even begun yet.
  3. I don't think you're going to see California covered for a little while (more than a year...possibly 2).... None of the carriers are particularly strong in rural areas of California (mostly central and north areas of state)... Nobody shines everywhere. This is why the CPUC wanted that agreement before ok'ing the merger. They want at least some guarantee that most areas of the state will be addressed. 3 months into this merger... Was the thinking California was going to be built out and addressed with new coverage? As both Sprint and T-Mobile were pretty bad in those areas (ie the roaming agreements) new towers will probably have to be completely built, there is nothing T-Mobile can piggy-back on... unless they can share a tower or 2 with AT&T or Verizon. This might be a while.. someone correct me, but an entire new Macro site can take 2 years or more from start to finish. I would rather take what you found and hold on to it and retest in about 1 year from now. Kinda like a progress tracker. That would be useful information to many of us as I travel to California every couple of years. So, "How long do we expect that to continue?" 2 years or more.
  4. Let's hope. My fingers are crossed. I want to see some of those lines/ropes coming from the towers around here with new equipment being hoisted up! Can't wait!!
  5. T-Mobile if very dense in my area too. Sprint in my area always needed a densification. So no... it's not Unique.
  6. I think we all think that thought in a lot of areas where a particular network isn't to our liking. Did you miss what I said about Sprint ? In my area, it was neglected just as you say T-Mobile is in your area. Towers haven't been operating at 100% for, dare I say a couple of years?! Multiple tickets issued and calls from Executive Services, but as with all other times, the answer was: "There's nothing we can do to remedy the situation at this time." "The towers have repair tickets issued." I wish T-Mobile tower crews would come to my area in great numbers and revamp all the towers by me. I want 3 or 4 layer cake! As of today, it's only been 3 months since the merger was officially signed off on. 3 months!... way to early to judge what T-Mo has been doing or what's up it's sleeves. I keep hoping to hear some positive news coming from this thread, about what's coming or what's next, and instead, it's nothing more than "T-Mobile is tanking in my area" or "it stinks" ... kind of discussion..It's just Not constructive.
  7. I hear what you are saying but.... Every area is different. Sprint was weak for me, in spite of being in a well developed suburb of Detroit. 2 or more towers around me have had tickets "open" for almost a full year. Still as I was 1 year ago, get about 5-10 mbps down and .05-0 up.... it works because I don't upload much at all. T-Mobile will get things better, I'm sure. They have the assets and plan to do it. New York market is still on-going. I'm sure they are not done yet, so it's not really fair to say "Some neighborhoods being under-deployed"...while others "have the full experience"....(maybe I misunderstood what you meant?) I feel strongly that they all will have the "full experience" soon eventually. I keep hoping to hear updates on Network work/ redoing, but as of late have heard nothing... Quarter 2 has to be presented soon. Maybe on that call they will say?
  8. Wow... wonder what it is... maybe somebody cut a fiber line? Think they'll tell us?
  9. Must be the T-Mobile side only? My Sprint service is ok, here in SE Michigan. I sent a text at 3:10 and it went through.
  10. There's a lot of unanswered questions... Shentel, the Dish situation... network conversion etc... Later this week there are investor firm meetings and I'm sure most of that will be brought up. I will listen in to find out what's going on and how far along they are in their network work.
  11. Yes, me too! I'm wonder who the 1 million customers are and what sort of handsets they have?
  12. Lots of new panels going on former Sprint towers and also M.Mimo going on a lot of known T-Mobile sites around here. Coverage isn't any different yet, but it does look like tower work is happening. Band 41 is still up and running. Really hard to connect to it anymore, but it shows up. Mostly everything LTE for me is handled with Sprint's old band 25.
  13. Interesting! Word is within the T-Mo engineering area, is Ericsson is the way to go... better tech than Nokia. T-Mobile moving NYC's midband 5G signal from Nokia to Ericsson
  14. I agree, but I also agree with Terrell. Neville / T-Mobile needs to quiet down. Way too much pontificating and not enough action yet. It's too early to celebrate. That Cap-Ex budget needs to get a financial boost. $6-8 Billion isn't enough.
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