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  1. I think you are over reacting. So we have 4 carriers now.... Verizon can charge what ever they want. Obviously 4 carriers/competition are not stopping Verizon from charging that. Maybe you should write the FCC and Government to come down hard on Verizon for charging that much. You prove nothing. It's up to you, whether you want to pay that amount. They are many other carriers/offers that are less than what you present as proof that have high speed. Again. It's "market driven". If the merger is approved and the "New T Mobile" gets its network set up, I'm sure they will offer true competition to Verizon, which they may not be able to right now. Once they do, I'm sure those $95 / line prices will lower. How do you grow and add customers if your product is the same and prices identical? There is no incentive to be like "Dumb and Dumber" .
  2. ...and the government Does not control that. You can also go with Trac Phone for $30 or $40 a month.
  3. Where does the government "now" control our cell phone prices? This is news to me? Where do you come up with $100? Kind of a "chicken little" sky is falling attitude...
  4. I think that is totally unrealistic and completely bad! That is a completely protectionist approach in a free market. The market should drive prices not artificial price freezes. Network Investment takes capital. Terrible idea. Government should stay out of setting prices.
  5. Reducing spectrum would be a dumb thing to have them do. That is the whole point of the merger is being able to compete against the 2 giants. Sprint and T Mobile will still be smaller than either of AT&T and Verizon. Their spectrum is their only strong point over their competitors. I think that is more garbage news. The DOJ has to make a decision. Let's hope there are no more divestitures.
  6. FCC's Ajit Pai and the DOJ's Makan Delrahim may already be on the same page regarding the merger after all. Before Ajit Pai announced he will approve the merger, he had met with Makan Delrahim per the New York Post. Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, “consulted” with Makan Delrahim, the head of the antitrust division at the Department of Justice
  7. Could very well be. I say, be happy you got $8/share. Most it's been in a while. If the merger tanks, prices will probably plummet back to $3 / share. If it's going well, merger looks to be approve-able, then I've heard $10/Share is tops. Let's hope this gets done quickly. Hate all the B.S. going back and forth in the press.
  8. Here's another from CNBC this morning: Sprint shares jump as DOJ antitrust chief Makan Delrahim remains open to potential T-Mobile deal "Discussions about possible remedies are ongoing. But what kind of remedies — beyond what the companies committed to as part of a deal with the Federal Communications Commission — remain unclear." "It’s possible, according to Sorkin’s reporting, that the DOJ could push for more years on no price hikes, for example."
  9. This is what is troubling. Hate to say this, but our news organizations need to get facts at least semi-correct before putting it out on the wire. Reuters got that juicy little bit of news and ran to put it out on the feed in the morning yesterday that other news orgs used to report. Now there are 15 different news stories using the Reuters feed as gospel when it's not correct and admittedly wrong. Not to say the DOJ will or won't accept the merger, but the info at present time is old information.
  10. DOJ Staff recommended blocking of the merger BEFORE concessions were announced Monday per Washington Post. This is why I can't wait for this to be over. So much hair-trigger rumors of doom and failure or success. Rumor of DOJ suing to block T Mobile Sprint merger was premature, done before concessions were given to FCC earlier this week.
  11. I'm hoping they are just dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's"... this thing has dragged on long enough.
  12. Interesting... what makes you think this? Not saying you're wrong, but am hopeful you are correct.
  13. It was not the Nextel merger that killed it... it was very poor management making bad decisions at the time. They had a ho-hum network then too... they couldn't shut down iDen because they didn't want to loose the business customers using it, nor were the able to migrate anyone over... then there was the horrid hybrid phone they tried to use. Fail... what ever Nextel customers they still had were given that junk to use and that was the death nail. Sprint's network couldn't reach where Nextel's was already at the time because of it's 800/900 mHz it had. A royal mess!
  14. I listened to the Investor's Relations webcast... I was so difficult to listen to. I don't even know who Sprint had speaking as I didn't recognize 2 of them. No more Marcelo, as I know.. he's moved on... nothing from the CTO, ... they didn't really offer many answers to many questions... kind of Rubbish. Just makes me hope the merger happens soon. The last question and answer: Basically the out look on Sprint's future if the merger doesn't go through? Answer: Sprint will not be able to operate as a national carrier as we know it. They will be unable to compete with the others.
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