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  1. Can't say who said, but looks like some of the network hiccups on the T-Mobile side are due to software and migration going on. Also found out T-Mobile is sticking to the original plan (2 years ago plan when merger was announce) to use the T-Mobile network as the "Host" network, move the sprint customer base over to it quickly as possible and then use the Sprint equipment from the old Sprint network to add on and enable additional load (Market-by-Market) until complete. Currently T-Mo is increasing use of it's AWS spectrum and Dish's to be able to handle the addition of Sprint person's on to it's original network. It's going on now. Philly is first. Don't know details as to who-else is being upgraded at this time. Anybody else having odd network things going on? Might be an indicator your market is undergoing transistion.
  2. Only if they haul him off to prison. Then I'll enjoy "seeing" him.
  3. Rumor has it that a T-Mobile Press Conference is in the works for 2 or 3pm Pacific time (5 or 6pm eastern). Don't know if it's open for all or just select few.
  4. Here we go!!! T-Mobile and Sprint are finally merging: What you need to know about the $26.5 billion deal
  5. I would think today (Tuesday). If they hold to what was said... any new additions after closing would be put on the T-Mobile network. ie... device too. Not sure if that helps. I would think any deal Sprint had would cease as soon as signatures are in place. I'm sure we'll know more once the markets open... information will get generated. If the plan is actually in place to close tomorrow or not. I'm sure the banks wouldn't of been told to have funding ready for April 1st, if it wasn't really going to happen. We'll see. Might be a busy news day later?
  6. Perhaps Merger is still on for April 1st? From Bloomburg, about an hour ago: Company notifies lenders it will draw the funds on Wednesday Company notifies lenders it will draw the funds on Wednesday
  7. Not impressed with anything relating to SoftBank. Looks like the amazing Son has struck again.
  8. I agree! Either it will or it won't. It will be exciting to see it take place!
  9. I've been with Sprint since 2000. T-Mobile's integration of Metro (former CDMA) was considered to be a huge success. I can tell you though, that I've been through Nextel buyout and the famous (not in a positive way) Network Vision, and countless promises of "a better network", so many "Projects" planned and started and very few of them completed. Dr Saw is probably the best head of network Sprint has had in some time. He's going to T-Mo too. I too have heard through tower engineer friend that T-Mo has been buying and storing Massive mimo units for a while... and fully plans on using them when the network conversion starts. I'd say give T-Mo some time to actually start before doubting them. We don't really know their latest plan. I am looking forward to hearing this and much more news, hopefully beginning Wednesday.
  10. I don't. Compared to the way Sprint did things, T-Mobile's track record of integrating networks is much much better.
  11. I'm sure the T-Mobile trial for 2.5G is to double check their plan to quickly lay it down and convert towers over. A "Test Run" if you will...
  12. Brad overload. "Whoa! Slow down! " from Trip... I agree. chill!
  13. Thanks RedSpark! Great news! Here's a link to the article from Seeking Alpha and Bloomberg News California PUC judge recommending OK of Sprint/T-Mobile - Bloomberg
  14. In the words of Seinfeld (George).... "They're sticking it to us Jerry... Stickin IT!!!" LOL
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