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  1. I just want this all to be completed one way or another... I don't care anymore. Just want all the uncertainty done with. Time for Sprint and T Mobile to get back to business with or without each other... Time to get it done!
  2. Sounds like T-Mo/Sprint will host Dish's spectrum for a good number of years... this is a good thing for us as I think it will help with coverage and depth as I believe we will get to use it too? (Sprint/T-Mob) customers?
  3. Back on topic... I glad the DOJ issued that warning to the merging parties. If they didn't put a deadline on this, I think it would drag on for another 2 months. Make the move or don't.
  4. ...cause it's taking too long. Even the Justice Dept is bored with this!
  5. T-Mo's 2nd quarter results expected to be presented by July 30th.... I'm sure they are hoping to have some sort of answer by then... I'm thinking this is really taking a long time... they must be hung up on 1 or 2 key points and neither is budging on it....
  6. Good one Dan.. Just "Throw" that one out there...Happy for you. Sprint isn't doing squat by me. ... in case you are wondering. Do we have a 5G thread?
  7. Bah-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-Ching! Like I said early a few comments up... This is going to drag on forEVVVVVVVVER!!!! As the Stomach Turns.... tune in tomorrow for another (Not) exciting episode....
  8. Umm...yeah, this (the publicity around the article) is stupid. If you read it, it says basically that Ting is dropping T-Mo in favor of .... ... wait for it... SPRINT! LOL... WTF?! Kill the T-Mo part now cause the rates are higher than Sprints... then when and if the merger takes place, the New T will have to abide to the contract, thus getting both networks again. This is a ploy by Ting. They will also back up with Verizon as a secondary carrier. It's like making a big deal out of nothing... Chance are, if you get Sprint, ... you'll get T Mo when the merger is decided.
  9. I read that too. Those are self-imposed deadlines like I said earlier. They will probably just be pushed back again as that time approaches. But that aside, lets hope they get this done before then. This process has become absurd.
  10. I'm still lost on how you come up with the 29th? The DOJ can take as long as they want from what I know. What is the 29th? I don't think there is an automatic approval process... Sprint/T Mob will just fill additional paperwork to extend deadline...if that's what you mean... They've come this far, I don't see them pulling the plug.
  11. This merger and the resulting DOJ circus is turning into a house party where everyone brings a booze to throw into the 32 gallon pale for the Party Punch! LOL.... How many more players/ companies will the DOJ entertain before getting this done? This is the most bizarre regulatory approval process!
  12. Do you think that this means that New T Mobile will have access to Dish's spectrum holdings while they "help Dish out"?
  13. From CNBC: That’s received pushback from T-Mobile, which wants to limit Dish’s spectrum capacity to 12.5%, people familiar with the matter told Faber. Deutsche Telekom also wants to limit any strategic Dish investor to 5%, the sources added. Ok... so what does this mean? In the same article hints that the DOJ wants spectrum divestiture? So right now, like Bigsnake said earlier, there is no spectrum divestiture right now?? T-Mobile, Dish reach divestiture deal, pending DOJ concerns: Sources
  14. Tyroned, I'm reading this same info, but not seeing the "DOJ still not happy part"? Where are you getting this? Can you link or post something?
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