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  1. Hey Rickie... Yeah, I saw that too... wonder what it's about? I hope it's not something lame like John will be staying at T Mob and not going to WeWork or something. Hoping is has to do with Merger in a positive way.
  2. That would be ok. I like Mike... He's a good guy but doesn't wear magenta as well as crazy John!
  3. T-Mobile Shares Fell on Report That CEO Is in Talks to Join WeWork I'm hoping John stays ... bringing Sprint and T Mobile together requires his expertise.
  4. Brad? Where's the link? Where's the detail? Let's see. 5G data... If it's that good, maybe I'll want to join that plan?
  5. I don't see this as true comparison. It's a far from it really. National Carrier to National Carrier. .. Not MVNO!!!!
  6. Unlimited Verizon for $25 (New T Mobile is $15/ month for 2G data) a month and with 5G? Please show me this feat of amazement! Not sure what exactly you are comparing as I know of NO Verizon Plan for that amount of money with Unlimited. Apples to Apples.... Lets see. Here's all I find. 1 line now... Not a 5 phone family plan...Looks Like $80 Bucks a month mister. ($70 + $10 5G surcharge = $80) Not $15 or $25. If Verizon had that pricing, I would of went to them a long time ago. Verizon:
  7. Me too! Hopefully it turns into something.
  8. Brad... I actually am on your side in agreement most of the time, but not this time. The plan actually works for me.. and its way better than anyone in the industry offers outside of 3rd party carriers (MVNO's) . I think it was bold move and a great value for many people. If it flies, as in the merger is approved (states attorney generals) , I think people will flock to it in droves! I use most of my data in the house over Wifi. The other plan is $25 for 4gig or 5 gig??, with the same 500mb increase every 6 months or year ...whatever... I might even do that. The best part is... no up charge for 5G if you have a phone that supports it. I have to say, I was shocked in a good way. Verizon and AT&T are not happy about that announcement... They were already attempting to up charge 5G. Kinda reminds me of Sprint's "Premium Data" on smart phones. The charge was argued to be helpful to build out the WiMax network and because smart phones used more data. You see where that brought us...12 years later.... still leaves a bad taste in my mouth 12 years later.
  9. I'm interested in the New T-Mobile Connect plan, Unlimited call and Texts with 2GB data included with an additional 500mb added each year for $15/month! 5G speeds included at no extra charge if you have a 5G phone.
  10. I'm from Detroit! LOL. Look out! 😉 I work for an Auto company too. I watched newly stolen cars roll down a side street on fire with nobody in them... (crashed and burned with remnants of ATM machine parts strapped to them trailing behind)... Roaming Bonfire! Carry on....
  11. Hopefully not much. He used a company strip approach, the way a car gets stolen and stripped. Came in, bought the majority stake in the company... cut costs with a plan from the first moment to unload Sprint at a profit (ie... sell it and merge with someone quickly). Sprint has suffered from a string of bad owners/ lousy top management for quite some time. As I've said before, I hope and wish they (old Sprint management) are all gone come the actual Day 1 of New T Mobile.
  12. It's been my experience more often lately as well. I can have 4 or even 5 bars and data is so slow or won't even connect, time out. Congestion? Not sure what the problem is??
  13. Not a good quarter economically. The patient was already in a poor state. I agree with you RedSpark and CEO Michael Combes (Sprint) ... Hurry up Merger!! From CNet: Overall, Sprint's total subscriber count continued to fall with a total loss of 396,000. The decline dropped the company's overall count from roughly 54.31 million wireless users last quarter to approximately 53.92 million today. "I am proud of the resiliency of the Sprint team as they work to deliver results in a challenging environment," said Sprint CEO Michel Combes in a statement accompanying the results. "However, I remain convinced that merging with T-Mobile and building one of the world's most advanced 5G networks is the best outcome for all consumers, employees, and shareholders." This is really going to sting the financially drained pocket book: In a "message from management," Combes also said that Sprint, which was recently accused of defrauding the FCC about its Lifeline program, is "committed to reimbursing federal and state governments for any subsidy payments that were collected incorrectly." Full article from CNet News: Sprint posts another quarterly loss as T-Mobile merger remains on hold
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