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  1. Brad! NO... There is no time table. The judge said he will try to make a decision as soon as possible. You picked up Phone Arena's headline ... that's their opinion. Here is what the judge said: (Feburary was not what was said.) It may be, but it's not concrete. What's next Judge Marrero opened Wednesday's hearing reminding attendees that, "there is life beyond the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint." He declined to say when he will return with a final ruling on whether to approve the merger, but said he would "endeavor to decide as quickly as possible." Sprint and T-Mobile make a final argument for why their massive merger should be allowed to go through
  2. I will move also. My decision will come once the merger is decided. If approved, I will likely take one of the cheaper New T Mobile plans. If Merger is rejected, I will probably have to go to an MVNO like Google or Mint Mobile. I have a 1 person plan (1 line) and there are no deals. Yes, I know places like Mint have $15 plans now...but I want to stay with a major carrier for international travel and for other personal reasons. Family plans get all the deals. I can't justify paying $71 / month with little under 1 gig of internet used each month. I just bought out my phone (Samsung 9+ from Sprint) and it's now unlocked. I'm just waiting for the decision. I'm hoping it goes through, because I too, believe the combined network will be incredible and I would like to use T Mobile's home wireless video service once it gets off the ground.
  3. The only part of the above ideas that is palatable is T Mobile and Sprint getting together a "Network Sharing" agreement. Everything else kinda stinks. But lets face it... what will that do to Sprint? It will basically be an MVNO to itself and T-Mobile. Not really a major player anymore no matter what ... so what's the point of even having their weak name attached to anything. Fold it up! I truly think the hidden objective of the states regardless of the upcoming ruling is to stall. Keep appealing in the courts as long as possible and drag it out until the carriers have no choice but to pull the cord on the whole idea and salvage what's left. Then entire possibility of the last 2 years of negotiations and agreements being wasted is hard to even think about.
  4. Thanks. I thought the same about the appeal, but knowing this crowd... they might.
  5. Hey bigsnake... what's your prediction as to when the Judge will issue his ruling? I'm hoping it's this week.
  6. Its not that it's made up... but not real factual... just a lot of hopeful speculation. The way they see it as Investment jerks, that if they call it correctly then they can say, see?! Look, I knew it was (or wasn't) going through... .blah blah blah.... Invest with us, cause we know what's going on...
  7. It's just a bunch of trash and re-picked news stories. the press picks up a story from 2015 that T-Mobile was thinking of merging with Comcast. You see it all over the last couple of weeks in the press ... It's old news from 4 or 5 years ago. But it doesn't matter. It gets so round up and tangled (think web) that nobody later knows what is current and what isn't.
  8. It's really so much about NOTHING! Sprint has been de-emphasizing Virgin Mobile for like 2 years now. At one point didn't they eliminate all the phones and just market i-Phones?? No advertising for 2 years or more etc... They've been trying to kill the brand off for a very long time. Blah..blah blah on the headlines... Absolutely not surprising though.
  9. If this were true, wouldn't the Virgin Website indicate so or re-direct you to Boost Mobile? Virgin website is up and running... Brad... you're posting links from Reddit site again. This is not the most reputable. I'm leary of what I read on Reddit. Again... there is nothing in the news-feed anywhere about this or on the company's website.
  10. Hmm... looks like opinions of investment managers / analysts are like armpits ... everyone has one on Wallstreet and they all stink! I guess it's a big guessing game... 50-50 chance you'll be wrong ... errr.. right?? Judge will approve T-Mobile-Sprint merger say some Wall Street analysts
  11. The merger has nothing to do with helping or hurting you there. If they don't merge, I'm sure you will lose it anyway. Sprint will be in a situation where they will not be offering fire-basement prices! I think you, some of you, are routing against this for purely personal reasons.
  12. I take the congestion issue for T Mobile as a very positive thing. They have a large network with a very healthy customer base! I have congestion problems on the current network with less people on it. Go figure. If the merger passes, the available spectrum will be put to good use.
  13. That would involve another lengthy merger proposal with the FCC and DOJ. Another 2 years wasted. A possible new administration... IDK.... don't like that idea. Who's going to teach them how to run a network? (LOL)... please don't say ....
  14. Try it again here.... T-Mobile-Sprint Judge Questions Claim Merger Hurts Customers Interesting turn of events. The Bloomberg panel over-viewing the turn of events makes a good point. The 14 or so State's Attorney Generals argue the deal is anti-competitive... something the FCC and the DOJ already said, which was why they come up with the Dish deal. The Feds already went over this for 1.5 years. The judge to the states is basically saying: what solution do you have then? You said it's anti-competitive, but what solutions do you have other than stopping this??
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