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  1. If only. That would have been better looking back.
  2. I think the longer this takes and the more they review... the more the opposition comes out. I wish they'd hurry the heck up!
  3. I really think this is a non-issue. With Trump... it was probably the right thing to do.
  4. Yeah.. something is still out of whack.... if I try to "click" right on the timestamp "12 minutes ago" by BlueAngel, of the last person who made a response, it still takes a very long time to respond. The bottom of my screen says: Waiting on S4GRU... (see below)
  5. If I click on the last time stamp of the person who just left a comment/post... it takes forever. It's now quicker to open General then scroll down to 'Site Upgrade Warning" then go to last page and find the last comment. It's a pain now to navigate.
  6. Site down "404 error" again today around 8am eastern time.
  7. I PM'd Robert a few days ago.... I have a very difficult time loading the site and selecting the threads. It's been about 5 or 6 days. Did anyone notice either Tuesday or Wednesday the site was completely down in the morning (7-8am eastern time)? I was hoping it would be fixed by now..,. but am still having issues.
  8. Sprint not being on there (I think) is because a lot of Wall street already assumes Sprint and T Mobile are to be together soon and also their investment is about the same as T Mo. With all that being said, it's amazing that Sprint has been able to do as much as it has with it' smaller Capex. The market is a "Duopoly" when your next biggest wireless competitor can spend 4x the amount you can on capex. Not sure how Sprint and T Mobile separately can compete long term against the "big 2" or "Dumb and Dumber" as John Legree like to say. I understand the need to merge. Nextgencpu: from : Simply and Safe Dividends.com: Verizon routinely invests more than $16 billion annually to increase the capacity and reliability of its wireless network. It also goes on to say Verizon is the first to market with 5G ( through fixed base broadband) Full article base off their quarterly report: Verizon's investment in it's Wireless Network outlook for 2019 AT&T Wireless Capex $25B: AT&T and Verizon's Wireless Capex
  9. This is really out of wack.... How can T Mobile and Sprint compete against these Capex figures?! If this isn't an argument for the merger, than I don't know what is. Especially when you consider that the balk of the underground infrastructure is owned by AT&T and Verizon! $23 Billion from At&T and $17 billion from Verizon.. it's crazy. T Mobile capex priorities.   Sprint didn't even make the list.   From Market Realist and Wallstreet Journal:
  10. Thanks Snake! I forgot about the TV venture/trial. More lessons learned.
  11. With Trump tweeting this, it appears to be a positive on the Sprint - T Mo merger. Thoughts?
  12. I remember now... another botched stupid Sprint move: Partnering with Lightsquired. (eyes rolling).. FCC stalls Sprint / Lightsquared LTE due to GPS interference. The idea was to partner with Lightsquared who would then wholesale LTE on lower band (1550 mHz) frequencies than Sprint had and was able to use at the time. Sprint thought it would help get LTE out faster to more people. More spectrum interference issues, GPS issues.... Sprint should be a pro at this. All they wanted was spectrum that interfered with everything else. Sprint's motive was to always save a buck, but in most all of their disastrous decisions, it ends up costing them much more than if they would have just bid in the FCC auctions. Does anyone question all the money Sprint wasted on bad moves? Glad I bought that Wimax phone with it's $10 premium data charge. Magenta can't come fast enough after having lived through this.
  13. By the way Josh... the FCC did have low frequencies available just a couple years later (2007/2008)... 700mHz, I believe, the old VHF TV frequencies... AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile and I think Dish got them. Sprint sat out on that one also. Sprint has sat out on most all of the FCC auctions... I don't think they played in the AWS-1 and AWS-3 auctions either/ as they don't have any. Does anyone remember?
  14. Sprint wanted Nextel for all the 2.5G they had... (alot of it). Clearwire didn't come into the picture until Sprint spun the 2.5G off to them... only later to reacquire it when Softbank came into the picture (2013). (what a mess). Then you have the low band 800/900. 900 goes bye-bye, and it takes nearly 10 years... no wait... Sprint and Nextel tied the knot on August 12th 2005... It takes 13+ years to get 800 everywhere (and it's still not done due to all the rebanding and $$$ spent)... Not a great business plan. I just don't think Sprint can survive on it's own anymore. Softbank is only a silent owner now, waiting to unload it's misfortune.
  15. ...so nothing changes with this company... one bad decision after another. Merged with Nextel, (poorly executed and full of mistakes)...gets 800 and 900 mHz which it can't use and has to give back/sell 900 and then reband the entire public safety network in the country in order to use the 800 it has ... has to write the entire Nextel thing off the books years later... then it chooses the wrong 4G (Wimax) when within a few weeks, others including AT&T and Verizon and everyone else chose LTE. They never really deploy Wi-Max except to a few small chosen spots and never very dense just to appease the FCC for it's claim to 2500 mHz. Then it stops updating it's network until they have to fix it and decide on a "Rip - and Replace" which just about kills service to many long time users, me included for a long period... Then Son comes along and decides to buy the majority of the company so he can merge it, not realizing it has to be approved by the US government. It was a real eye opener, and a sad state of affairs... but especially when in the 2G and 3G days, Sprint was a leader and a disruptor! They had good phones... I had a Samsung "Blade" a full metal version of the Moto Razr... great phone! Sprint had some of the first color screen phones (Sanyo), the Motorola Razr (I believe AT&T was allowed to carry Razr's first)... They (Sprint) were the carrier to be with back in the day. I miss those days... I'm hoping T Mobile can do what Sprint used to do better.
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