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  1. I was able to get this installed now on my 12 Pro with the iOS 14.3 jailbreak. A fun part is that I was able to then install a tweak called CarPlayEnable and now I can have CellularInfo showing up on my car's entertainment system to check out new LTE bands. Still wish I knew enough to work on getting the actual signal levels to display, but I was able to get another tweak called SignaldBm installed to replace the signal bars with the RSRP level in the status bar, so that works for now.
  2. Anyone get this app working on the new 13.5 jailbreak? I installed it because I figured what the hell, might as well try. Installs and shows the LTE band and GCI, but no RSRP or SNR info displays.
  3. Works on Verizon too. Looks like your padding code doesn't like GSM carriers. Ha. 😆
  4. Want some more interesting news? So I activated my Google Fi eSIM to check out Sprint and USCC service upgrades in my area. On my Pixel 4 XL, when connected to Sprint the padding works. As soon as it switches to USCC or T-Mobile the padding is gone. My main SIM is AT&T and it also does not have the padding. Correction: It works when on USCC too. Not AT&T or T-Mobile though.
  5. Weird. Yeah it isn't working on my Pixel 4 XL. Android 10 obviously.
  6. Am I crazy or does the padding not work? No matter what I put in there as a value (0-100) it looks the exact same and the text starts at the absolute left.
  7. Signalcheck's CA reporting seems to be much more accurate with my P4XL than my old P3aXL that I was using off and on - at least on AT&T. Obviously it is still early - I have only had the P4XL for about 27 hours, but so far so good. With the 3aXL, I would keep seeing values getting stuck and it showing CA active where I live even though AT&T only has a single 5x5 B12 carrier at the moment. Hasn't happened once so far with the new device.
  8. uecker87

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I don't have a P3 - sorry.
  9. uecker87

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Got my P4XL today from Amazon. Feel free to ask any questions. Not on Sprint anymore though so I can't answer any specific network related questions though.
  10. Hey Mike. Random thought. It has probably already come up before... But would it be possible to add some optional left padding to the information displayed? When I had a S10 I ran into glare issues with the stuff on the far left because of the curved display. Also now on my Pixel 3a XL I have a screen protector that distorts the edges of the screen a bit too. Just wondering. A rather small thing in the grand scheme of things but thought I'd ask since it *might* be a simple addition.
  11. Pixel 3a XL on Q beta 4 has been great. So nice having the bandwidth and CA values appearing on SCP. So far everything it has been reporting has checked out too. Smooth sailing. 👍
  12. I'm on a Pixel 3a XL with the Android Q beta 3 installed. So far all seems good. No issues that I can tell. I even have the bandwidth values reporting (I think correctly, I'll keep an eye on it). 👍
  13. I scooped up a 3a XL Unlocked variant from BBY (but I'm on AT&T now). Feel free to ask any questions. Currently using it as a secondary phone to switch to off and on, but honestly I haven't experienced any stutters or slowdowns so far. Might just sell my other devices to make some money off of this and wait and see what comes this fall from Google and Apple.
  14. Ahh - there's an alpha update. I left the Android world for iOS for a couple years. Makes sense. I thought i was going crazy earlier this morning because I couldn't get my beta version to update to 4.514b from 4.513b - ha. Glad to hear the HSPA signal values and SNR are back. Mike - any update on when we might see the LTE bandwidth feature on more 9.0 devices? I'm currently also using an AT&T S9+ like mdob07, I believe.
  15. I ended up returning the S10e and grabbing a S10+. Missed the screen size after coming from an iPhone XS Max. While not a fan of the curved display, a case helps mitigate some of my issues with it. Also the FPS seems better now that I've sort of figured it out. Went with a navy blue leather case from Samsung. I like it. Slim, feels nice in the hand and will get grippier as it ages. Pretty much no drop protection, but I haven't shattered a phone screen in probably 8 years and I normally run my phone's without a case *knock on wood*.
  16. That's with 43 minutes of screen on time... Seems kind of reasonable. You are on pace for over 7 hours of screen on time. It looks like that is with you never putting down the phone... haha
  17. Interesting... The S10 and S10e get about the same battery life with my usage (had the regular S10 for about 5 days before exchanging)... Yesterday I got through the whole day (started at 6AM) with about 12% left at 11PM when I put it on the charger. That was with close to 6 hours of screen on time (still playing with the new toy) and lots of GPS usage plotting some cell sites on Cellmapper. I sit here at work with 78% left at 2PM (again started the day at 6AM) with about 1:15 in screen on time so far. A much more typical day usage wise for me.
  18. If you are cheap and don't want to pay for the pro version, there is also an app called "Button Mapper" that does a lot of the same things from what I have read. That's what I'm currently using. Edit: Nevermind - pocket detection is also extra on this app. I just don't use it, so didn't look before.
  19. I actually bought a Samsung phone for the first time ever... Never thought I'd see the day, ha. Anyway - I initially bought the regular S10 but wasn't a fan of the FPS or the curved display, so I exchanged it for a S10e. Like this little phone a lot too. Great display, pretty good battery life (averaging 5-5 1/2 hours of screen on time which is pretty good compared to my past Android experiences), great cellular performance on AT&T, super fast WiFi, and I love me some traditional fingerprint scanners, ha. Only real gripes so far are the slightly higher placement for the power button/FPS and the lack of good screen protectors/accessories at this point in time. I was actually using an iPhone XS Max before this phone because the wife and I went in on a BOGO deal last fall (if I was going to have to pay for her to get a new phone, might as well get another for free). Got bored of iOS (along with the shitty Intel modem and cellular issues), so I had to go back to an Android. If there's one thing I miss about the iPhone it is the incredible battery life. I would literally go 2 to 3 days without charging that thing, but oh well. As long as a phone gets me through a full day, it doesn't really matter.
  20. Well good luck guys... I picked up a Max on Verizon and I am seeing definitely worse cell reception. Tried posting photos on Macrumors and I either get ignored or told it is "fake news". What a lovely society we live in now... Ha https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/iphone-xs-and-xs-max-owners-complain-of-wi-fi-and-lte-connectivity-issues.2142500/page-4#post-26562175
  21. Did not know about this... Just signed up for a $0.01 SIM card to continue testing AT&T around here (they are actively expanding in my area). I just can't forget to switch from the free month promo to the free plan before it expires. Thanks for sharing!
  22. If we got that phone but with a Samsung provided OLED it would've been just about perfect...
  23. I had the 2 XL and ended up returning it and getting a smaller 2. Same performance (better RF on Verizon by 4-8 dBm in a number of low signal places). No issues with the OLED like I had on the 2 XL and a slightly more manageable for factor (yes the bezels are a little much). I like it though. I was able to get it for $550 (Best Buy had a sale) vs the $850 for the XL. The XL is definitely not worth $300 more than the smaller 2. Probably not even worth the $200 premium.
  24. I have my 2 XL but on Verizon. If anyone has any questions let me know.
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