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  1. I just got HitFilm Express 2017 free from #HitFilm! Everything I need to edit and add effects to my videos. https://t.co/RZQOb3nmWh

  2. twitter_share_text https://t.co/6wx3XbAjik

  3. Oh, haha, yeah I guess I've had "LTE plus" for quite a long time then (while at work). I'l have to take look when I'm in Indianola as I've never seen band 41 there before. I was hoping to see some carrier aggregation but apparently I'm getting ahead of myself. If there a sprint marketing term for CA?
  4. Curious how to tell in Samsung ##debug screen. Would the bandwidth show more than 10mhz on band 25 if it were aggregating? I'm in Urbandale and it alternates between 10mhz on band 25 and 20mhz on band 41. Guessing I'm not getting LTE plus from this tower (WDM Marriott).
  5. RT @TEAMEVGA: Full Steam ahead! EVGA's 18th Anniversary is Live! Come and join the fun & adventure! https://t.co/kETRQ2eB7r #evga18 #team…

  6. This is a step in the right direction. My hope is that Sprint will be adding all the US models in their database like they do with iPhone and Nexus, so they can be brought to Sprint even if they start somewhere else. The 2nd (and less likely) hope is that an unlocked model have an unlocked bootloader.
  7. dleewee

    Moto X 2015 "Pure Edition" [users thread]

    Have past MotoX's had unlockable bootloader (official from Motorola)? I've decided my next phone must offer this so I am already planning on going with a 2015 Nexus. However, I got to play with a 2014 MotoX and it is a splendid phone, so I could definitely consider a 2015 model as a close competitor.
  8. dleewee

    LG Nexus 5X (fka LG Nexus 5 2015 - codename "Bullhead")

    MMS fail over LTE for my wife and I all the time on our G2s. A toggle of airplane mode is often required for the image to download. I assume it is a Sprint issue not a handset issue because it affects both of us.
  9. dleewee

    Unlimited family plan

    I think that is going to be removed - at least on the new All-in plan it was announced the 600K streaming cap was being dropped so hopefully that will apply to this plan as well.
  10. dleewee

    Unlimited family plan

    Can we get this plan without visiting a Best Buy, and without leasing devices? Seems like a pretty solid deal though not quite enough to pull us off our framily plan.
  11. dleewee

    LG Nexus 5X (fka LG Nexus 5 2015 - codename "Bullhead")

    My wife and I have been holding onto our G2's as they have been excellent phones and we don't really want to go to a bigger size of the G3/4. A 5.2" Nexus would be a dream come true especially if it includes all the roaming LTE bands and CA.
  12. RT @androidcentral: We're giving away a Galaxy S6 and tons of other stuff! RT and FOLLOW to win! #SGS6AC (Rules: http://t.co/rW6FtHGBdT) ht…

  13. dleewee

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    I read somewhere they removed slide aside. I tried it here and believe it is gone.
  14. Cool, thanks for the message, I hadn't noticed it was fixed yet!

  15. dleewee

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    I sideloaded my G2,but my wife's G2 still hasn't received the ota either. I'm also wondering if she will ever get it? I believe otas usually have a 2 week rollout.
  16. RT @jeffsawyer: @Netflix Did Netflix break compatibility with WMC on 5/13/2015? http://t.co/r0SB3dVd9D

  17. dleewee

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Stored in /cacheNote, removing the ota file does not free up space for you to load apps or anything as it's pre allocated a certain amount of space.
  18. RT @TheOnion: Nation On Edge As Court Votes Whether To Legalize Gay Marriage Now Or In A Few Years http://t.co/glNa460kwd http://t.co/L5j69…

  19. I just pre-registered at @TMobile for a chance to win a US exclusive preview of the #LGG4. Official Rules: http://t.co/Pk3YyjVD7l #sweeps

  20. dleewee

    possible to wipe all from samsung

    Be careful not to flash an older version of the OS, as Samsung has made upgrades nonreversible.
  21. dleewee

    Take Two! Sprint offers BYOD for Apple Devices

    It would be nice it this moves beyond Apple only - i.e. there were a lot of pretty upset folks who bought Nexus 5's (2nd hand or otherwise) and were told its impossible to activate on Sprint. I hope they continue to expand the acceptable device list.
  22. I if/what portion of the new plan is eligible for a corporate discount?
  23. Want to win OnePlus One Android smartphone? I just entered to win & you can too: http://t.co/GLoIkMeZGI

  24. dleewee

    Sprint matching tmobile $100 offer

    Need someone to confirm employee discount on this 2x100 plan and I will switch.
  25. dleewee

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    It's weird, I've read a lot about people with GPS issues but I've never had the problem with mine. I use GPS quite a bit and always seem to get very quick results, equal to my S3. I do remember the horrible GPS on the Epic 4g, and I honestly thought those days were behind us.