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  1. I am going to agree with you on this, yes it does seem like VZW does does priority from most cities and towns. Probably because it seems like the majority of people have them and they are #1 and people seem to think they are perfect. Thoughts?
  2. is there a way to go back to Androd 4.4.5? my s4 updated automatically to 5.0.2 and its horrible I hate it.
  3. Hi I cant find anywhere this question. Does anyone phone how you can wipe a samsung s4 100%? I know even if you do a facory reset there is still stuff that could be recoverable. I am looking to buy a used phone but I want it to be 100% clean just like it was brand new. Thank you.
  4. hmm. ok something to think about
  5. Does the nexus 5 have Spark?
  6. I am looking to get a new phone and I am unable to spend a lot so I am able to afford the more of the bottom Android phones. The list is LG G3 Vigor, HTC Desire, and Sharp. I really wanted the LG G3 but cant afford it at this time. Sharp is new to me. HTC I am familar with there phones, I have HTC EVO 4G LTE and the EVO 4G. The LG G3 Vigor I have seen and heard has not so great reviews. The sharp it too new for me to know and the HTC Desire I have not heard much about. Help please? Thanks.
  7. htcguy

    Easy Pay

    Hi I believe this may of been discussed before but maybe not specifically to my question. My contract has expired (back in July) and I have been thinking about getting a new phone. My question is, with Easy pay does that automatally RENEW your contract for another 2 years or does it just add the installment (payments)? When I called customer service they just told me that you need to have a contract with them. They dont seem to speack every good english, its the second time I called and that was the answer I got. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place for an answer on Sprint.com website or here.... I would rather NOT sign a new 2 year contract. If this has already been mentioned please send me to the right place on here.... Thank you
  8. thank you everyone, who ever closes these topics can do so now, thanks for the help! That explains it for me!
  9. Can anyone tell me why Sprints 4G LTE maxes out at 38 mps download and around 9 mps upload? IT seems like every other carrier can surpass at least 40 in the right area and most carriers get more then 15 upload ive seen.... I guess sprint Spark can do much better but not many places with that.....
  10. I added a line and got a m8, I must of forgot to list that on here too.
  11. Hi, new here still. How come my Sprint phone no matter where I go, even in a big LTE Sprint market my LTE cant hang on as long as when I was with AT&T and Verizon? I have been in a market where Sprint has LTE on 800 too and it just seems like the same thing.... Help please!
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