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Phone History Thread 2020


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It's been a good six years since we've had one of these. Saw a few threads going on at Reddit and figured we could do the same.

For feature phones, there are definite gaps in this list, as I swapped phones a *lot* (hey, prepaid non-smartphones were cheap)...and this is just for the phones that I used for my main line. The smartphone list is more comprehensive, though I've picked up some other phones in some cases as secondaries that I've since forgotten.

Feature Phones, in somewhat correct order; Sprint-based prepaid or Boost Mobile unless otherwise noted

Nokia 5165 (Beyond Wireless GSM, roaming on Five Star Wireless, AT&TWS home network)
Nokia 3560 (see above)
Nokia 3595 (T-Mobile, not sure whether it was my main line ever)
Nokia 6010 (T-Mobile, see above)
LG VI-5225
LG PM-225
Motorola i415
Motorola i285
Motorola i450
Motorola w370 (Tracfone on AT&T...I think this was my phone rather than a brother's)
Moto c261 (Tracfone on...AT&T I'm 99% sure)
LG 3280 (Tracfone on VZW)
Keyocera Cyclops
Kyocera K132 (Pocket Communications...briefly before I returned it for a better phone as I recall)
Motorola v323i (Pocket Communications, a regional unlimited provider similar to CricKet/MetroPCS that survived only a few years before being folded into CricKet)
LG 840g (Tracfone on AT&T)

Smartphones; primarily Sprint postpaid unless otherwise noted

HTC Mogul
iPhone (first-gen, unlocked, running on T-Mobile prepaid)
HTC Touch Pro (booted into Android a few times with it)
HTC Evo 4G (returned after a few weeks for being too big despite having no keyboard)
Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Galaxy S III
Google Nexus 4 (T-Mobile; reflashed baseband to get LTE since I didn't care about losing voice; secondary phone)
Google Nexus 5
Moto X first-gen (Republic)
Sharp Aquos Crystal (Boost...picked up the phone on a lark at Best Buy and then basically didn't use it)
Moto X 2nd-gen (Republic)
Google Nexus 5X
LG Optimus Regard (CricKet...don't ask me why I decided to buy this)
Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T)
Google Pixel (first-gen)
Essential PH-1
Galaxy S20

As time has gone on, I've slowly bought fewer phones. It was crazy for a bit there, partially because I ran https://g4pp.blogspot.com. Okay, that was the excuse for me getting a ton of phones, not the other way around.

In addition to the above, other family members had (I know I'm forgetting a few

Motorola StarTAC (Five Star Wireless)
Nokia 1221 (Tracfone on Five Star Wireless)
Nokia 2126i (Tracfone on Verizon)
Samsung m370
LG Optimus V
Samsung Galaxy Victory
HTC One A9
Moto E4 Plus
Moto X4

One of the craziest phone deals of the lot was my mom's Nokia 5165 with CellularOne in central TX. They never bothered to upgrade most of their network to digital, except for roaming from Cingular (a few acquisitions later, they became part of AT&T), but they had some pretty solid deals. They had a $20/mo plan with 90 minutes...except for awhile they were cutting prices in half and adding 1000 minutes for free. So in the mid-2000s you had 1090 minutes for $12.46 including tax or so. I want to say long distance outside their coverage area was extra though.

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My list is waaaaay shorter - I keep and use phones longer as I've never (especially in more recent years given how little really changes) felt the need to always go grab the latest/greatest....and I have no specifics memory of anything before my first psuedo smart phone.

My first 2 phones once I ever got one were some basic Nokia model, followed by a 'feature phone' that I also think was still Nokia-based.  Past that:

HTC Fuze (AT&T, started out with them with my first phone when they were Cingular - think this is basically the same model as the Touch Pro Ian mentioned above, which was a WinMo phone)

Epic 4G (my first Android experience, when I switched to Sprint)

Motorola Photon Q (alas, the last of the QWERTY sliders)

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S5





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This is rough off the top of my head, so I may have to edit it later. Dumb phones from 98-2007 not included. There were only a handful of those before I bought the PPC6700. The first was on Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, before Sprint PCS was launched.


PPC6700 (UTStarcom/HTC Apache)

Palm Treo 800W

Palm Pre


Palm Pre

iPhone 5

Palm Pre2 (w Sprint modem)

Nexus 5X

Nexus 5


LG V40

LG V50

OnePlus 8



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I started as a US Cellular customer in about 2005.

Kyocera SoHo KX1
Motorola V323i
Motorola Crush
Motorola Electrify
Galaxy S4 Mini

Switched to Sprint in 2014 when I got tired of the quite slow roaming on Verizon.

Galaxy S5

Naturally, I'm not counting the phones that I use for other carriers, only my primary phone.

- Trip

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