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EUTRA Neighbor Info

Brad The Beast

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12 minutes ago, Brad The Beast said:

Can someone translate this for me. I see FDD band 41 neighbors in my EUTRA neighbors but I thought band 41 was TDD. Can anyone explain what this means?


It's likely Field Test just being buggy as usual. 

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22 minutes ago, Brad The Beast said:

So what is a EUTRA neighbor?

E-UTRA stands for Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access. It is just the LTE air interface. 

An E-UTRA neighbor is just a neighbor LTE cell/sector that your phone is measuring (possibly for cell reselection). 

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1 hour ago, red_dog007 said:

Incorrectly reported I guess.  earfcn of 40978 is TDD. Though FDD could be possible if you are nearer to Canada as they use Band 7 (FDD) and Band 38 (TDD) for 2.5/2.6GHz. 

Yes, I've seen Band 7 bear the Canadian border. EARFCNs are between 2750 and 3450. 

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From what I understand, E-UTRA neighbors are other bands on the cell site.

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