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  1. Any plant to add a Verizon post like the one about att and tmoble and so on or is a form like this one for Verizon.
  2. mattp


    What can i do since i heard review of all of them scam people or not good customer sevice like tello us moble sprint att mint and so on . On this site https://www.trustpilot.com .
  3. Hum did sprint do any change , my moto g 7 play is not connecting to data at all. In regarding to the merger i herd some say it was starting. was it just people talking about the 2 network and how they combined or was the work started.
  4. Tello what I was asking is this done now or in a few months or years mvno told me nothing is changing for years giver or take
  5. Seem to work just fine better then my g4play
  6. yep i get -115 at times or worst i have a log of it but only on lte if i put my phone to 3g it seem to do better is it nomrl to switch provider and not use up all the data before switching
  7. How do you tell it is oversaturated nood I run in to a different issue signal get so weak and phone get hot then it go. In a loop of more weak then more warm. Then I tune data off and on and it seme to now works ok
  8. yep which i have issue with time to time get great performence in the middl of town i doint live in city but at the edge i seen a 2k ms ping once to google when i norml get 100ms right before that
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