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Sprint volte launch thread.

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Hi everybody I would figure I would start a Sprint volte launch thread. please keep the let's please keep it on topic.

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    • By vanko987
      I'm new to this forum, and I've seen people mention cell sites with specific ID's (for example, SF33XC664). Is there any significance to these ID's, and is there a way to decode them? Also, how do I figure out what the cell site ID's are for towers near me?
      Thanks! I'm excited to start talking on this site more¬†ūüėÄ
    • By lilotimz
      Samsung Network Vision equipment are highly distinct and fairly easy to spot compared to the equipment that other vendors are deploying. Sprint is Samsung's first extremely massive American contract (baring Clearwire) so there  should be no issues in confusing these equipment for another carrier which happens often with Ericsson NV equipment.

      Below are images of Samsung equipment which includes antennas, remote radio units, base stations, and their mounting configurations. 
      Samsung antenna with eSMR 800 RRU & PCS 1900 RRU

      A close look at a Samsung setup

      Next Generation Samsung Configuration
      RRH-P4 4T4R 1.9 GHz  | RRH-C4 4T4R 800 MHz| RRH-V3 2.5 GHz

      Next Generation 8 Port Dual Band Antenna Setup 
      4 port 800 MHz RRH-C4 800

      (source: dkyeager)

      (source: dkyeager)
      Narrow beam setup

      High Capacity Site with 2 Antennas & 3 RRUs (2x PCS & 1x SMR).
      Second antenna is PCS only for now.

      Canadian IBEZ (NO SMR)

      Special Case PCS Only Setup for Canadian IBEZ

      Close up of standard antenna connectors 

      Samsung Cabinets

      Powerpoint slides from Samsung / Sprint
      *disclaimer - all  powerpoint diagrams and images were found through public municipality online databases and is by no means misappropriated through malicious means*
      *Credit goes to those whom took pictures of these equipment. You know who you are*
    • By kckid
      Sprint announced at MWC trade show in Barcelona that 5G will go live with 4 cities starting in May  (Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City )
    • By ActionJacksonWX
      Sprint announced the MVNO Google Fi will use its network for 5G in a press release (that is, once there are actually 5G capable phones compatible with Google Fi someday):
      This is the first I've heard about Fi and 5G so far. Google has pretty much kept mum on the topic, so I'm somewhat encouraged.
    • By lilotimz
      Samsung TDD-LTE gear which are being utilized in Clearwire priority sites. .   Clearwire - Samsung TDD-LTE RRH SLS-BD106Q & Antennas           Samsung TD-LTE RRUs mounted behind BRS/EBS Antenna     Sprint 2500-2600 mhz TD-LTE Setup Note the Antennas are much thicker and fatter than the antennas being utilized by Sprint Network Vision.  

      Clearwire TD-LTE Base Station / Cabinet
      May be subject to change as TD-LTE sites start being integrated into the Network Vision setups.



      Happy Hunting!
        I'll clean the post up this weekend when I have more time.   Courtesy of Sbolen from Missouri market. Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD104Q1
      Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD106Q
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    • CA is disabled when HPUE is active. HPUE devices should be able to use L2500 at signal levels down to -128. If the you often wind up in scenarios where the uplink is too congested, then the Qqualmin value is likely set too low.¬†
    • Mine sure can not.¬† I have an S9 with HPUE and it absolutely can not use -128.¬† Also, I suspect that when we use carrier aggregation on 2500, HPUE is disabled. I doubt if the cell phone can transmit at the high levels of HPUE on two channels. Somebody please verify that I am right or wrong on using HPUE on 2 aggregated channels.
    • I don't recall if I mentioned it here but major updates like those above features are usually sent out each quarter so it's not ready as I last checked a few weeks and they don't expect it til at least fall at the earliest. They've been doing field tests on the alternative backhaul mode but it requires network configurations and hw deployments out of the hands of the MB team. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
    • makes me not want to be with Sprint / T-Mobile then - because it is the customers that are going to pay this. Might as well switch to a company that doesn't have to pay.¬†
    • Red_Dog, Your posts are usually good ... you've tought me a lot, so thanks... but I have to say this...¬†¬† 1.¬† Merger has not gone through.¬† So no worries.¬† 2.¬† T Mobile¬†¬†600 being deployed at a record pace as many on here have admitted to.¬† Give it time.¬† (Sprint would take¬†years...¬†just got Sprint 800 MHz in my area and how long has it been??)¬† ¬†It works for crap anyway.¬† ¬† 3.¬† Sprint doesn't give up¬† 800 for 3 years as it was written.¬† ¬†They can also lease back, so I don't understand¬†what the worries / issues are?¬† None of it can be deployed instantly.¬† 4.¬† ¬†T Mobile owns very little 700 MHz, (5 or 10 MHz? and I don't think it's nation-wide)¬†¬†I think less than Sprint has 800 MHz... but they too are installing it as much as they can.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Sadly, at the rate of all the states suing them, blocking and so forth on purely¬†political reasons... not even sure this will actually happen.¬† ¬†Now they're all crying that the FCC should/must open it up to public comment before their final vote .¬† ¬†With a year and a half into the review, and the millions of pages of material submitted, there is no need or¬†¬†more review and re-review.¬† ¬†¬† Until then, .. your Sprint service should remain the same.¬† ¬†
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