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  1. It will only share 1X site notes if the SID+NID+BID are identical.. the problem is that all of the Airave 4's I have seen report BID 0. So if all of them have the same SID and NID (which appears to only be 504-506 so far), that's probably what is causing this. Since CDMA 1X does not broadcast any other identifying information, there's no way for the app to know the difference. Personally I think the BID 0 is a software goof, but I can't even get my hands on an Airave 4, let alone tell them it's programmed wrong.. -Mike
  2. Oops, never replied to this.. sorry about that. If a site is identified as B25 or B26, SCP checks for a GCI 0x1450 "higher" when querying or saving site notes. If a site is identified as B41, it checks for a GCI 0x1450 "lower". If I'm understanding everything properly, yes your scenario would be true -- but if 30001 and 328A1 were discovered first, they would have independent notes.. once 31451 was logged, that would cause it to pull one of the other notes (depending on the band it was on). Depending on which site was hit next would determine which note got pulled. It could get a bit sloppy if this starts happening.. 😕 -Mike
  3. My Pixel on the A3 was the same way, would hang onto fringe signal if it could connect to it. Wouldn't shake unusable 1X800 unless it completely disappeared. The only way to know if you're on 1x800 is to check engineering screens or an app like SignalCheck. -Mike
  4. From https://sprint.com/airave: -Mike
  5. I think a lot of people might not be realizing the distances are off.. I swear mine were previously correct, but since it was brought to my attention I'm starting to second guess myself as well. I'm going to keep watching responses about this to see if it turns out that everyone actually needs their values corrected. I also considered using miles, but the general standard for TA seemed to be meters or feet. I will make some changes to that, I think I'd prefer miles as well -- especially since with the 2x correction factor applied, you're losing some accuracy anyway. You'll never see an odd-numbered TA value with the correction option enabled. Aha.. I thought there was a reason I was discarding BID 0 -- thank you for reminding me. The reason this changed in the most recent version is because the Airave 4 uses BID 0. I'll adjust it to continue discarding BID 0 except if it appears to be an Airave. Ugh, these complications were what I was overly concerned with a few years ago when I first started linking offset GCIs. Any suggestions for how to address this? -Mike
  6. Send me a PM with your Google account email. Please send a diagnostic report when connected to 5G too. Disappointed to see it doesn't work in your screenshot, I thought I had the basics in there to at least show it as 5G up top.. hopefully I'm close! -Mike
  7. Excellent! At first, I didn't receive any reports except for yours, but eventually a few people reached out and said it looked like their device was reporting about half of what it should.. my Pixel 3 was very accurate at first but then I noticed it too, possibly after a software update. Hopefully it either gets resolved across the board or I can eventually identify specific devices/scenarios it impacts so I can automate the correction. -Mike
  8. Full Airave 4 support is in the latest version of SignalCheck Pro, rolling out on Google Play within the hour.. yay! -Mike
  9. Another new beta rolling out now! Minor changes since the update a couple of days ago -- Sprint 10x10 is displayed again, in-app purchases are back again, and Airave 4 stuff is fixed. A public update is also going out that rolls up all of the changes to this point, except for in-app purchases. More coming soon! Thanks for all of your help.. I sincerely appreciate it! -Mike
  10. The latest update to SignalCheck Pro will be available on Google Play within the hour! As always, some much needed bugfixes and a few new features. Here is the full changelog with some details: Added ability to look up network registrant by clicking on IP address. This is kind of cool -- if you have the mobile IP address display enabled (which constantly uses small bits of data to anonymously ping a public server -- so there may be a battery impact, however minimal, if you keep this on 24/7), if you click on it you'll get a popup showing the owner of record for your IP. Added option to display carrier aggregation info on Android 9.0+ devices [BETA]. This is cool but very unreliable at this point. This is a newer Android function that needs further improvements by device manufacturers. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes it's not -- SCP will report whatever your OS is reporting. Unfortunately I cannot do much more to improve this functionality until vendors/manufacturers fix things on their end. Added indicators for Sprint Airave 4 CDMA/LTE connections. Resolved issue with CDMA site notes and logging not working when connected to Sprint Airave 4. These changes should provide full compatibility for users connecting to Sprint's brand new Airave 4. Thanks to your diagnostic reports I was able to tackle this shortly after the device began shipping! Resolved issue with no signal alerts not triggering. This alert probably never worked for most users -- but nobody mentioned it! Should be fixed now. I personally find this alert extremely useful. Added additional information to Logger Statistics screen. Hope to add more stuff like this in the future, stats and data are cool. Added option to apply a correction factor to LTE timing advance (TA) value. Some devices report LTE TA as approximately one-half of the actual value. Enable this option to manually apply a correction. If device manufacturers correct this in the future, simply disable the option.. and hopefully someday it can be removed completely. Removed option to exclude logcat output from diagnostic reports. This option was needed in early (4+ years ago) versions due to issues with force closes. This is no longer an issue and only provides confusion -- and less information to help me diagnose crashes. The only logcat output included in diagnostic reports is whatever SCP generates, and all reports are completely anonymous unless you provide identifying information. Resolved force closes when permissions were denied/revoked. Resolved internal exception when installing version 4.52. Resolved issue with EARFCN values off by 1 for some LTE band 66 and 71 cells. Resolved issue with missing LTE data on some Android 7+ devices. Resolved issue with missing popup when permissions were denied. Updated help screen. All should be self-explanatory. Squashing bugs never ends! As always, I sincerely appreciate everyone's support and please let me know of any issues! More new stuff in the pipeline.. Thanks, -Mike
  11. It recently stopped working on my Airave 3 before I shipped it back too. -Mike
  12. Wi-Fi Calling generally works well on my Pixel 3. It didn't work with airplane mode enabled for at least the first 4 months, but I just tested it a moment ago and it did work. An Android and/or carrier update at some point must have fixed that -- I hadn't tried it in awhile so I can't say when that happened. -Mike
  13. Sorry, I meant a diagnostic report from within the app (About > Send Diagnostics). Thanks! -Mike
  14. Selfishly reposting.. if those of you getting new Airaves could send SCP diagnostic reports once connected to it, I would appreciate it! Please include your username or an email, and a note that says it's from an Airave 4. I only need one per Airave, so thank you to the two of you who have already sent reports. If you're only getting CDMA for now, I'll still take a report, feel free to send another once you get LTE going. -Mike
  15. Thanks! I only need that report, but I'm sure the rest of the group would love screenshots here of whatever you have.. -Mike
  16. Another beta update rolling out within the hour.. Added ability to look up network registrant by clicking on IP address (kinda fun). Added in-app purchase capabilities for contributions and upgrades (will eventually lead to Lite merging with Pro). Added indicators for Sprint Airave 4 CDMA/LTE connections (work in progress, but working with what we know so far). Resolved issue with no signal alerts not triggering (had no idea this was broken the whole time). Also, my development software (Android Studio) has been injecting some weird background errors, so please let me know if you see any strange behavior or logcat output. It doesn't seem to impact performance so I'm not sure if anyone will see it besides me. -Mike
  17. I thought I replied earlier, but I don't see it now.. if you (or anyone else who connects to an Airave 4) could send a diagnostic report through SCP, I would appreciate it! I only need one report per Airave, but the more I get the quicker I can learn how to properly identify it in SCP. Please note on the report that it's an Airave 4 connection so I can keep track. Thanks! -Mike
  18. Thanks for sharing! You don't have a Magic Box nearby, do you? Just want to confirm so I can try to make adjustments to SCP. -Mike
  19. Feel free to go into SignalCheck and send a diagnostic report when connected to the Airave when you have a chance.. -Mike
  20. I ordered Friday afternoon but don't have anything showing in the system yet. Here's a shortcut to the page that @SeanK_ was referencing: https://myaccountportal.sprint.com/servlet/ecare?inf_action=login&action=orderList -Mike
  21. That is an Android OS screen.. bandwidth doesn't seem to be consistently reported by the OS yet, but hopefully that improves over time. SCP will show whatever is being reported; this bug report was filed to hopefully get it addressed: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/131532224 -Mike
  22. Just placed my order with OKC to swap my 3 for a 4. Thank you both for the heads up! -Mike
  23. I'm ok with that.. does anyone have any other suggestions before I commit to that? Unfortunately for now there's no reliable way to definitively flag sites as one or the other.. but hopefully the bandwidth routines improve and the educated guesses that SCP makes will be referenced less and less as time goes on. -Mike
  24. Thanks for the update and the diagnostic report you sent! Glad to see it's working well. I see there wasn't any valid bandwidth info being reported.. did you ever see bandwidth info on Q, or did it take a step back? Hard for me to keep track of everyone's individual experience. If you have a chance, it might help if you could submit a bug report to Google. I sent them one, but I have a Pixel 3 on Pie; a 2XL on Q would give them another example. I took mine with the SCP diagnostic screen showing the LTE cellInfo since part of the report is a screenshot. To generate a bug report, either go to Settings > System > Developer Options > Take bug report or try pressing and holding Power+VolUp+VolDown (I find that method to be tricky). Once it finishes generating, upload it to Google Drive, grant shared access to "android-bugreport@google.com", and post the link as a comment on the Android Issue I created here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/131532224 Anyone else who is willing to take the above steps is welcome to do the same. The more data they have, the better chance there is that it will be fixed. Even if you don't want to send a bug report, please at least 'star' that issue when you can -- it only takes a moment! Thanks, -Mike
  25. Working on adding bandwidth and carrier aggregation features to SCP.. but a lot of the data being reported by devices is inaccurate. Not sure if it's an Android issue or a vendor issue, but please help bring it to the Android engineers' attention by marking it with a 'star' if you don't mind! It's the best way to get bugs escalated.. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/131532224 Thanks, -Mike
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