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  1. The GCI and PCI are very different from the old values, and neither appear to match T-Mobile's patterns in this area, including some confirmed to be on the same tower. Interesting that it is only the B41 cells. All of the Sprint TACs (including these new GCIs) in my area are still what they have been all along.
  2. Beta version 4.59b has been pushed out and should be available on Google Play within the hour. It slightly tweaks the behavior of the stale LTE data problem. The workaround will be force-enabled on all Android 10 devices, and selectable on pre-Android 10 devices. I was just going to remove the option and change the code based on the Android version, but perhaps there are users out there on an earlier Android version who could benefit from it. As long as there no last-minute problems come up, this version will be released to the public tonight or tomorrow. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks for the help!
  3. A ton of B41 Sprint sites in my area (Boston suburbs) have started getting new GCIs over the past few weeks. My first thought was it was related to the merger, but that's just my speculation.. any thoughts?
  4. That is the issue discussed above your post.. impacts some Android 10 devices. I'm working on a fix.
  5. Hopefully it's something outside, otherwise you might have to wait awhile..
  6. I had a similar issue with my cable internet about 15 years ago, but only during the day, and not every day.. Comcast was out several times trying to figure it out. Would start/end almost the same time every day, I was recording modem logs and ping times.. Turned out to be the run coming into the house.. the wire was deteriorated to the point where it was ok until the sun hit it! So on sunny days, it was failing from sunrise to sunset.. cloudy days and at night, it was fine. Blew my mind but a new cable into the house fixed it.
  7. Beta version 4.582b has been pushed out, but I am not sure how long it will take before it appears on devices. Google is warning that app processing may take up to 7 days (presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic). This update only attempts to resolve the stale LTE data problem that some users are seeing on Android 10 devices. Some code changes have been made that MAY resolve the issue -- please test it out and see if it works. If you are still seeing the same behavior with this update, I added a more drastic code change as an option under Preferences > General > Use Stale Data Workaround. Enable that option and see what changes. Please do not enable this option until you try monitoring the app for a reasonable period of time with it disabled. I don't love the "fix" I created that gets enabled with that option, but it may be necessary. Of course, neither approach might fix it. Please share your results in this thread, or privately however you normally contact me. Sending feedback within a diagnostic report is always acceptable, as that comes with background data that might be useful to me. Thank you! EDIT: It's already live as of 8:15pm EDT
  8. I am trying to resolve the issue described above by Trip; I am not sure if it is a side effect of my workaround or a separate bug. Stay tuned..
  9. I know that would be convenient for those of us with more than one device, but I will be honest and tell you that the level of complexity for something like this exceeds the time I have available to devote to the app right now. I hope to eventually add the ability to have database imports add to the existing data instead of wiping it out, and then users could essentially copy databases back and forth manually however frequently they wanted to.
  10. Did you try restarting the app after importing a backup? Also, the terminology isn't great, but you can only import from a database file created with "Backup Log Database". The files produced by "Export Site Logs" are CSV text files and not meant for direct import into the app. I am not able to reproduce any problems backing up or re-importing my log. The only other thing I can think of is if you try importing an old database backup with a new version of the app, the extra columns may cause an issue. I tried to test those scenarios but there could be outliers. The navigation bar is controlled by the OS, unfortunately apps have no control over this behavior on modern versions of Android. SCP uses "layered" notification icons which some OEMs have failed to properly test and support in the past. Try changing your icons within the app to something that is only showing one piece of data at a time (ie connection type only or dB only) -- does that resolve it?
  11. Getting more info from a few other people, it sounds like it's definitely limited to some Android 10 devices, and everything continues to update normally *except* signal metrics and cell ID details for the active LTE cell. LTE neighbors, CDMA info, and Wi-Fi are apparently working normally. If anyone is seeing something different, please let me know! I'm still working on finding a solution.
  12. mikejeep

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Mine seemed to be better too, but I wasn't sure if I was paying close enough attention.. it would be awesome if it was resolved.
  13. Interesting.. if the timestamp is updating, that means SignalCheck is getting an update from the OS, and 3-10 seconds between updates is very normal. However, the information not changing when the timestamp changes is obviously an issue. If anyone experiencing this could submit a diagnostic report from within the app, I'd appreciate it -- want to see if it's limited to certain makes/models/builds. I am not able to replicate it with a Pixel 3 on AT&T or Pixel 4 on Sprint.
  14. Thanks for the info.. unfortunately it does seem to be a change in Android 10. I'm trying to see if there's anything I can do about it. What device do you have? I don't experience it with my Pixel 3 or Pixel 4.
  15. There's no signal or cell ID info being reported, but I found a different approach to try.. unfortunately it doesn't give anything useful other than a status flag. Not convinced it's entirely accurate yet, but that's where you guys come in!
  16. Your report was on time, but there's no 5G data showing other than that status flag I made up. Keep an eye on it if you can.. let me know if that seems to appear and disappear with the 5G status bar icon or not..
  17. 1) Did this just start with the latest update, 4.58? 2) If you enable the timestamp display, does it appear to be refreshing even if the data stays the same? 3) When moving at a decent speed/distance (traveling in a vehicle), does the behavior change at all?
  18. Glad to hear it is fixed, thank you! On the beta, you can now more clearly see any raw 5G info on various sections of the diagnostic mode screen, although in the current implementation you should see it on the main screen if there was anything there. I intentionally don't have a lot of filtering in place yet.. it's very basic until I can see how it behaves in the real world.
  19. I may have found a band-aid fix that will resolve the import/export issue temporarily. New beta release is processing and should be available on Google Play within the next hour or so. I also decided to unveil some very basic 5G data, although I do not expect many devices to see it yet. It will appear below the LTE information if there is any data available; please send a diagnostic report if you see it!
  20. I discovered the problem and will be working on it, but it will likely be several days before I have something ready for beta testing.
  21. As I mentioned previously, if your device is not moving and the signal is stable, newer versions of Android will not update the signal strength as frequently in order to conserve power usage. The latest app update moved the target API to Android 10, which implements this behavior stronger than previous versions. Next time you are moving around at a faster speed and longer distance (car, bus, train, etc), see if the updates are more frequent. I often have to hop in my car and drive around to test, because sitting at my house the updates are as infrequent as you describe -- it's just how Android behaves now.
  22. There is an issue impacting some Android 10 devices where log files cannot be imported or exported despite the appropriate permissions being granted. Users will see an error message about files not found or permission denied. I am looking into the matter, but if you experience it and have not already been in touch with me, send a diagnostic report from within the app. That is the best way for me to see all of the pertinent information about your device as well as any error messages or permissions issues in the background. Thanks! EDIT: I discovered the problem and will be working on it, but it will likely be several days before I can get it finished. Thanks for your patience!
  23. Thank you for all the detailed info.. I'm suddenly getting a lot of messages like this, and I don't know why. The diagnostic reports aren't showing any crashes and all appropriate permissions are granted. The issue appears to be limited to some Android 10 devices but not all, but I can't figure out why. I'll keep digging into it and hopefully have some answers soon.
  24. Grabber is correct. Support for 5G information was added in Android 10, but I have yet to see a device reporting 5G information via the API so far. Once I get an example of that, I'll be able to do something useful with it in SCP. Devices showing the "5G" icon in the status bar are using something the mobile provider has baked into their software. Users can help me out by submitting a diagnostic report while connected to 5G (About > Send Diagnostics). I don't need multiple reports from each user, but each time you get a software update it could be useful.
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