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San Antonio LTE Speed Results?


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Yeah, bogus.


This is the same guy that put out the fake 3G/4G videos earlier.




17ms ping 7.5mbit 3G... I don't think so.


People did a little snooping and found that this was totally fake. This guy is a nut job.

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This video is super old. At first blogs were somewhat giving credit to this guy but later revoked it. In one of the videos, he mentioned he was using a Huawei hotspot device which we know is not the hotspot device that will be released in May. I would take this guy's youtube video with a grain of salt and wouldn't put too much credence on his claims.

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Totally bogus. I was just talking about this here: http://s4gru.com/ind...2362#entry12362


As for computermaster and the San Antonio testing, it's hogwash. I went back after getting NV site by site schedules and there were no sites active when he posted the video. They had not started even putting up panels and RRU's in the market then. They were only working on backhaul and setting cabinets when that supposed LTE video was posted.


Also of note, the fastest LTE speed ever noted in any report from FIT testing that I have ever seen was 31.7Mbps. Nothing anywhere close approaching the 40+Mbps claimed.


Granted he now has a new video which at least coincides with the timing where LTE testing could be done. However, it still far exceeds the speeds Sprint, Samsung, A/L and Ericsson have observed in ideal situations in FIT testing. Bogus.



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