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  1. No longer at Sprint, thank the gods.

  2. THIS is what Clear should have been doing instead of going retail.
  3. Do coated Low-E windows affect reception?
  4. Apartments are built to commercial standards unlike homes. You have lots of metal conduit, water pipes, maybe a fire sprinkler system, thick fire walls between adjoining units,foil lined insulation, etc. I am no expert but apartments have always been a source of problem calls we get. Homes with pretty metal roofs or radiant barriers are also becoming an issue. How about getting a free Airave?
  5. Careful. I believe Sprint has to receive the phone within 10 days of you receiving the return kit.
  6. Why thank you. An amateur attempt at using Gimp to put the logo on The Engineer's helmet.
  7. Apartments are tough on Sprint's signal with all the obstructions.
  8. So far Sprint does not have roaming agreements and it looks like they aren't going to.
  9. No difference in RX Power between Evo Shift, Evo 4G, or Viper. Viper had lower Ex/Io.
  10. Got an update that issue has been updated and will be fixed in future maintenance release. No ETA. No explanation of the issue.
  11. I recommend telling the rep that you want to hard reset. After ###786#, the six digit code they tell you to enter is your MSL.
  12. I agree, I do not believe it is available on the Nexus or iPhone. But I am not sure they go through the proxy anyway.
  13. RIght at sunset just after the sun dipped below the horizon. Here is the full pic it was cropped from.
  14. 1) This removes Sprint's proxy server between the handset and the internet. 2) Does what work? 3) MSL is a lock code unique to each phone and required for many internal menus. You get it from the carrier or through other means (Google it).
  15. That's what I get for posting from Forum Runner.
  16. I took a pic of the evening sky outside for my background. Yes. It is not mind-blowing.
  17. If you have your MSL, set the proxy address to and the port to 0. Let me know what your speeds look like afterwards.
  18. And can be turned off. Hopefully that will placate the Luddites. I plan to test it with an open mind.
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