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  1. True, with all of the data outages, yeah it should be launch pretty soon.
  2. I have never gotten LTE in that area. Always in those area, especially Leesville and 540 heading into Durham. In Cary LTE picks up pretty well, in spots of course.Also, have seen LTE in Charlotte and Huntersville Areas. Haven't seen anything in Raleigh, Morrisville, or Durham. Guess I miss it by the time I look at my phone.
  3. LTE in N.Raleigh? Where? I haven't picked up any in N. Raleigh.
  4. Has anyone in N. Raleigh (Near Creedmoor Rd & Crabtree Mall) been having issue with data? Ever since yesterday morning and this morning on my way to work, I couldn't get data. Only the upload light would light up and not the download light, so I couldn't get anything to work. Refreshing the Profile doesn't work, neither does restarting the phone either. When I get near downtown it refreshes itself and starts working again.
  5. ok, cool Thanks! Where I live Wimax can't be used downtown at all. It won't pick up for some odd reason. Raleigh doesn't have many skyscrapers, or anything to block the signal.
  6. Thanks, how does Wimax do, if you can even get it downtown? Might switch phones.
  7. Very true, the LTE deployment is like Wimax, you get it for a few steps, then it disappears. I can't wait for the widespread of LTE as well.
  8. Any Updates on NV/LTE coming to Richmond? Going up there this weekend, does anyone know how the 3G speeds are up there?
  9. Went to Boston last weekend, and the 4G coverage is really amazing! Just about everywhere I went. When I left Boston to go to New Hampshire I got 4G from time to time as well.
  10. Apple care has came along way, but still have limitation of what is covered, and what is not. I always throught the TEP was the best option over Apple Care. For the longest Apple wouldn't cover shattered screens and water damaged, and that was the most common isssue with the iPhone. I'm glad Sprint finally has more than one option that you can use through Via Sprint.
  11. F*ing Finally! http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/01/17/sprint-to-offer-full-iphone-insurance-starting-jan-25/ Own an iPhone and subscribe to Sprint? Prone to breaking things? We have good news, butter fingers. Beginning Jan. 25 you’ll be able to sign up for Sprint’s total equipment protection (TEP) insurance plans. Engadget got a hold of the image above, and noted that you’ll likely be responsible for the $150 to $200 deductible should you end up damaging your iPhone. Hey, that’s a lot better than having to replace the device at full cost. Plus, the total equipment protection plan will cost just $11 per month. The plan will be available for customers within the first 30 days they purchase the device. We’ll keep you up to date as Sprint makes this official.
  12. Early this morning, I got to see a glimpse of 4G. It was around 1:00 AM, and I was on my home. It was between SW Maynard and West Chatham and High House. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing it for the first time. It went back to 3G (5-8 second pause of no data) after a few moments, turned around to catch it again (Even toggled my data and airplane mode), but couldn't get 4G again to test it out.
  13. I finally get to see LTE this weekend, going to Atlanta so hopefully I won't be disappointed. I hope T-Mobile don't launch their LTE before Sprint does in Raleigh/Durham. I hope Sprint gets it together soon, because I didn't know how weak the coverage is compared to the other carriers. I hope they enhance everything across the USA Map. Their are so many gaps in the coverage map.
  14. I'm going to have to try the amp chargers. The stock ones take forever in the day to charge.
  15. I used to love HTC, but since the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and almost all of the new HTC One Series are having random issues. I will be leaving HTC alone for a while. HTC better wake up, or they will be on a chopping block and forgotten. I don't know why HTC, Google, and Motorola intend to follow Apple's strategy of no external SD slots, and internal battery inconvenience, it is a waste of time, and I don’t have time for the bullsh*t. The HTC EVO LTE took forever to charge, and was a pain to have to carry the charger around, when you could just carry an extra battery. When I had my iPhone 4S, the phone was having issues charging, but internal battery is convenient, it isn’t at all…..
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