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Sprint is more focused on voice-over-WiFi than on VoLTE (Was wifi calling over volte)


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Great idea. Super way for sprint to save.

I wonder when an if the cable companies will start charging or figure out a way filter so they wireless companies can't "get over" by offering WiFi calling, I know Tmo has it already. The idea is great but if I am gonna WiFi at home I wish sprint would offer different plans with minutes again.


That being said I guess I could cancel the VoIP line.

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voice over wifi is pretty much the same as voice over lte.




it does not really matter the transport for VOIP services, as long as the transport can maintain sufficient bandwidth and latency necessary to support the VOIP data stream.


They may be focusing on getting it working smoothly over wifi first, since the lte network is still too inconsistent to support it with performance equal to cdma.

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