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  1. My comcast WiFi is insane! My charter works well too charter never goes below 100 down (Speedtest) my Comcast is just ridiculous speeds. Seems like they’re both always telling me I got a speed upgrade.
  2. I think the arguement could be made NOT to divest spectrum. Yes it’s alot however everyone is looking to get more. So give up some to then need more as the 5g and the user base grows? Maybe forced to “swap” or sell but letting go of the spectrum if I was the NewT I wouldnt do and back out.
  3. Maybe this ^^^^^^^^^ could be a sticky and updated as more comes out?
  4. Which my previous point was vague, but this is what I was alluding too. Everyone is going to take on more but rolling out 5g, fixing the network sprint could have made huge gains and $$$. The others aren’t in a good position to even offer Mobile 5g. Sprint would be a giant step ahead for once if they could have gotten over this last bump.
  5. Lmao!! Since you put it that way. My point is only that even we the members knew sprint wasn’t going to be a overnight turnaround. I thought sprint had pointed the ship and the right direction and was about to sail with 5g. They were finally going to take the lead in using their only advantage..Spectrum/5g. Was it the fact of their prices? Doubt it, I think it was more the name “Sprint” that just didn’t give people confidence. I wish Son would have followed through. All that BS with mini cells and telephone poll heights.... seems sprint tried to many shortcuts and always got caught. Oh well can’t express how disappointed I am in yet another sprint executive.
  6. Let’s not. Let’s just keep it simple. Son was hoping for a quick turnaround... it didn’t work rather than take a chance he chose to get out. Your point about Warren is exactly what I am saying. Many kept pointing to Sprints debt, as you mentioned earlier (point) debt isn’t the only part. He chose to get out.
  7. Son just wanted out. I keep hearing about debt, if Sprint has 34billion and vzw $120bil in debt what’s the problem? Sprint has the spectrum to get better whereas vzw can only buy more then deploy. My point is in comparison they all have about the same amount of debt in relation to the size of their companies. -Son just wanted out because it’s a long term investment not a quick turnaround in the American market like he thought.
  8. i Read Tmo only gets 40%??? https://www.engadget.com/2018/04/28/t-mobile-and-sprint-finalizing-merger/ soooo how does this work 40 of sons 85?
  9. It could be sprint wanting to acquire tmo crazy as it sounds sprint may be in a better position than Tmo moving forward... tmo needs more spectrum...etc,etc could be a partnership where Tmo uses some of sprints 5g to aid sprint in costs and save Tmo from having to purchase more spectrum soon.... who knows but I bet it isn’t gonna just be sprint Tmo some other 3rd party will be involved
  10. I am not so sure about sprint NOT making the investment. Masa wanted to merge with someone who would benefit sprint. “Not” making the investment or possibly strategic planning? Meaning why keep paying to upgrade when we know 5g is coming. I think sprint may have had a window where they figured if they merge/Buy/sell it won’t set them any further behind. If it falls through, Plan B is 5g buildout asap. All of the areas that are lacking will be brought up to par with 5g rollout anyways. I know it sounds confusing but if sprint was “shopping itself” I think they were thinking wait and see before they upgrade as mentioned before many towers are co located which would have been unnecessary had the merge gone through. It hasn’t disrupted the 5g plans so I “think” this may have been their strategy or plan b of it all along. Sprint could fix the network tomorrow and people still wouldn’t come in flocks because of the bad rep. But if sprint gets its 5g out and can brag speeds or they could do a big media push and start to get people’s attention?
  11. I wasn’t even aware Tmo would roll out 5g first in 600! You’re right it could be huge for them. I see everyone trying to get the high band for capacity so I was under the impression it would a must have for 5g. Low band would be the fall back
  12. I agree with your points however you also pointed several others frequencies that may end up being more important than 600. Which is why I feel it might be overrated. It definitely has a role can’t argue it doesn’t. But I don’t see it playing a huge part in the future as we see the numbers are clearly going up for capacity. Again, not saying it doesn’t have a place just wondering with the price paid for what it will probably be used for might make it overrated.
  13. I couldn’t agree more, I know we have been waiting for sooo long but I feel when sprint hits the switch a lot of people will be shocked.
  14. i have mixed feelings about what I am saying but I think 600 is waaaaaay overrated. Yes it helps with coverage but it is clear the future is automated. Cars, refrigerators,phones, tablets Alexa and so forth. For this massive amount of data that will only continue to grow where does 600 fit if it has capacity setbacks? With cable in the mix the future will be small cell located at every street light/corner. I think Tmo mistake may have been to purchase the 600, they are clearly going for coverage to get themselves the same credibility as att/vzw. This may be a long term mistake as everyone is moving up. Or it may work out for them long term, short term I don’t see any benefit of 600 with everyone racing to get 5g out. Maybe I am missing something
  15. I would guess all three will play some part. What better place/way to try out the satellite part, in areas u can tweak it and maximize it before moving into more dense areas. Keep moving forward Sprint!!????????
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