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    Note 9 rumor thread.

    I was really hoping for some improved cameras but not much else. Im so on the fence its not funny. My 8+ functions relatively well, getting a little slow sometimes, but overall I have no complaints. Im definitely leaning towards waiting though in bcb hopes of more camera improvements
  2. xdfgf

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    This is fantastic stuff. Please continue. Subbing
  3. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Hoping they will still be of use. Would love to put one in my restaurant to compliment the wifi
  4. xdfgf

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Oh man. Ive been pretty neutral on the merger but Tmobile has brought its A game to rural Kentucky. Kinda excited to get in on it Just watched the video, guess Im full on board the hype train now
  5. xdfgf

    Note 9 rumor thread.

    Definitely following this phones development as a replacement for my s8+. Early release rumors are even swirling with as soon as July for the note. Pretty excited
  6. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    So my MB is stuck in a reboot loop it looks like. Haven't been connecting in several days and its just a rolling screen of the sprint logo followed by a black screen. Gonna tinker a bit tonight and see if it stops then
  7. xdfgf

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Huge pipe down (b41) better spectrum fpr uplink (b25). I assume...
  8. xdfgf

    Oh HTC :(

    I switched away on my last upgrade. They just dont seem interested in making phones like I want. The s8+ is as close to my perfect phone as I think I've ever been.
  9. xdfgf

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Interesting few days ahead. As a shareholder now Im curious to see what happens
  10. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Is there a way to tell how many people are connected at any one time to a magic box? Do the sprint owned MVNOs have access to things like magic boxes, airraves and sc1000s? Looking at adding sprint equipment to my restaurant...
  11. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    A completely useless signal on my s8+ has turned into a usable signal out of my new AU545. I'm not streaming 4k, but I can use BBM and my work apps. Very impressed
  12. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    My AU545 is in the shipping department
  13. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Stonewalled me. Approved via email called to see if I could expedite it. Said i must be having firewall issues (wtf) and said to update my profile and they would call me tomorrow
  14. xdfgf

    Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Ars has really gone down hill since Jon Stokes left. IMO
  15. CDMA was 800 and lte b41 mm
  16. At a heavily congested intersection the other day I could not make a call on CDMA but went through with no problem on calling plus. Pretty cool
  17. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Got the call and I was approved
  18. xdfgf

    Vpn/gaming router

    I'm curious as to which router this was. I'm looking at buying a new core router and this setup with the vpns sounds close to my ideal setup
  19. xdfgf

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Sprint called my girlfriends phone on my account to tell her that the address I submitted was an invalid address and I should try again in 2 weeks. Kinda weird but oh well
  20. I didnt think so, but I thought potentially some of the magic to enable it was in the b41 stuff on the ground. Thanks
  21. Is b25 ca possible without b41 hardware present? We have 2 b25 carriers in eastern ky but very little b41.....
  22. https://www.snbforums.com/threads/how-to-sprint-ac-rt66u-to-stock-asus-firmware.25261/
  23. Mine has become very flaky recently. The instructions I found on small net builder look a little intimidating, but not overwhelming. Is there any easier method that doesn't involve hex editors?
  24. xdfgf

    HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    Yikes. Could be a deal breaker. Any info on when that might change