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Google Barge


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You've probably heard about Google's supposed barge in SF.


Since some of the people here might have special insight into the transmitting capabilities of a technology platform at sea, I figured I'd ask what people think it might be.


Apparently it's been under construction for a year, is mostly made of shipping containers and has antennas sticking out the top.


Moored in the shadow of the Bay Bridge off of Treasure Island, a former military base, the nondescript barge is stacked several stories high with white shipping containers, and sprouts what appear to be antennas on top. The hulking structure, half shrouded in scaffolding, has stirred intense speculation in the Bay Area since reports of its existence surfaced late last week.


Doesn't seem to be a floating retail location (for Glass or otherwise) and probably isn't a data center either...



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supposedly there is one of these floating here off the coast of maine.  been in the local news quite a bit.  even the contractors who were hired to build it have no idea for who they are doing the project for. lol

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I actually live on the island where they're building it. The security they had here to guard it was pretty ridiculous a few months back. Now you can practically walk up to it. Whatever they're doing, it's almost done. They have some black netting just over the barge. It's really generic looking, no windows, no signs, just a big white box on a barge.

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