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  1. mozamcrew

    HTC Bolt

    My HTC 10 is in the same boat. I understand the lack of feature/verision updates. But security updated should go at LEAST 3 years from launch, probably 4.
  2. Let's wait until this year's big upgrades are further along, then maybe make that change...
  3. Perhaps the plan was that this would always be a short term gig? And with the merger not happening and Sprint focusing now on building out its network fully, instead of in a more managed way, this was the logical time to leave.
  4. Part of the reason for the merger is Sprint is spectrum constrained more generally in Puerto Rico. They didn't have any band 41 spectrum until recently, but I think they only have enough contiguous for 2 carriers still. Their PCS spectrum is a fragmented mess and they don't have enough 800 Mhz to even roll out 3x3 LTE due to the spectrum squatters. They have 2.5x2.5 of 800Mhz spectrum. The merger adds both customers and coverage, plus compatible PCS spectrum as they are running a CDMA network over PCS. Sprint should be able to cobble the combined PCS spectrum together to offer both CDMA and LTE over their PCS assets, which they will need given the lack of 800Mhz spectrum in PR. Plus the larger combined customer base will help make the PR market more profitable for the combined company.
  5. IIRC Sprint's position is that the current 800 Mhz license holder is a squatter that never met the buildout requirements set by the FCC. Thus Sprint isn't going to pay them for spectrum that arguably should revert back to the FCC. Also, I don't think there was much interest in purchasing the spectrum since it has limited uses besides Sprint, so who else was going to buy it. Not sure what would happen at that point. I may be thinking of a different license holder though. AJ, want to jump in here?
  6. Isn't Sprint's whole strategy at this point revolving around paying off 2B worth of debt so it doesn't need to refinance the stuff that is presently coming due?
  7. So Trump is like the inverse of T-Mobile ... no wonder he and Legere don't get along on Twitter.
  8. It's been a while since I gave, this seems as good a time as any....
  9. I have the same issue. Quoting doesn't work for me from IE 11. I haven't cared to mess with it more.
  10. Anyone who thought we'd actually get to the $86B reserve price was kidding themselves. Verizon and ATT have plenty of low band spectrum with 700Mhz and Cellular frequencies, they really don't NEED much more, they'll only bid if the price is low enough. Only the smaller carriers are going to be in the mood to buy, and Sprint has already said they aren't interested. They have so much spectrum, they need to focus on small cells and deployment. So that left TMUS, regional carriers, and maybe WISPs? They just don't have the big money to drive up the prices like the AWS auctions. AWS was all about urban and suburban capacity. 600Mhz is actually terrible for that because it propagates too well and the antennas are so large it makes doing MIMO extremely difficult. Doing MIMO greater than 2x2 on Sub 1Ghz frequencies would require very bulky and heavy gear.
  11. Some of us like big pockets AJ. https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech/episodes/142
  12. Or maybe he just has big pockets AJ.....
  13. If ever there were a place flat as the bottom of a bathtub it would be far Eastern ND....
  14. I don't think there is any point in rolling out 800Mhz only though. It would be a least band 25/26.
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