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  1. I'm thinking fixed 5G for the home and TVision rollout over 5G.
  2. I know my phone supports it, I just wonder if/when they'll turn it on. I had pretty good B41 coverage at my house 3 years ago when I switched to Tmo
  3. I wonder if my T-Mobile Note 10+ on the T-Mobile network will ever get access to B41 LTE. I hope so.
  4. I haven't directly observed confirmed T-Mobile work, but a couple of nights ago my T-Mobile service was on and off. A day or two prior to that, there was a crew working on a flagpole site a half mile away.
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/29/palo-alto-networks-nikesh-arora-wework-shows-cash-doesnt-always-win.html
  6. So how much effort and time will it take between the closing of the deal and my OnePlus 6T on T-mobile being able to connect to B41? Obviously not immediately, but is it an equipment change that's needed or just a permissions adjustment on the backend?
  7. I have 6 unlimited lines and pay between $205 and $215 per month depending on Kickbacks that month. That's 2 lines using the 2 for $100 deal, plus a 3rd line for free (buy 2 get one free), a 20% hookup discount, and then 3 more lines at $20/line. The device payments are included in that price, and of course so are taxes because it's Tmo. Definitely can't get anything like that outside of Tmo, and I'm not going anywhere until they pry this pricing out of my hand. It's the only reason I switched from Sprint.
  8. That hasn't rolled out to all users yet, but we've been waiting for it for a while.
  9. iPhone only for now unless they changed that since last week when I read about them.
  10. Hi5GRUT Hi-5! G Rollout Updates (T-mobile) Also, High-five, Groot!
  11. I'm actually on T-mobile these days, and wouldn't mind adding some of that sweet B25 and B26 LTE to my options. S8 supports all the relevant TMUS and Sprint LTE frequencies.
  12. I noticed they said they were going to add B41 to T-Mobile sites, and add T-Mobile frequencies to the remaining Sprint sites. What about adding B25 and B26 to the T-Mobile sites?
  13. Android Police and ECOVACS are giving away 3 DEEBOT N79 robotic vacuums (a $229 value) https://t.co/yDulOJ35Yh

  14. I selfishly just want that B41 spectrum available to my T-Mobile S8. I've got good Sprint and T-Mobile coverage and speed where I live, work, and play so bring it on, please. On the other hand, I like having 4 carriers, so don't do it.
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