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Softbank investing in Brightstar also


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Stake in Company to grow to 70 percent over the next five years.


Japanese carrier SoftBank is eyeing an investment in U.S. phone distributor Brightstar. The deal will see SoftBank take a 57 percent stake in the company for $1.26 billion in cash, and has already been approved by SoftBank's board. Brightstar is a name you may not have heard of before, but is one of the biggest phone distributors (acting between manufacturers and retailers) with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.


The deal will make Brightstar the exclusive distributor of handsets to some SoftBank affiliates, presumably including Sprint here in the U.S. Along with its investment in Sprint, SoftBank's stake in Brightstar could give it a better foothold on securing the latest devices for its carriers. The deal is still in need of regulatory approval, but is expected to close by the end of 2013, the companies said.




Will this improve the phones available to Sprint if it is approved? 



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    • By danlodish345
      Even though Sprint doesn't have the best coverage in my area. I do have lots of memories and nostalgia with the company. I wonder who else here will miss Sprint besides me?
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      I'm new to this forum, and I've seen people mention cell sites with specific ID's (for example, SF33XC664). Is there any significance to these ID's, and is there a way to decode them? Also, how do I figure out what the cell site ID's are for towers near me?
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      Samsung Network Vision equipment are highly distinct and fairly easy to spot compared to the equipment that other vendors are deploying. Sprint is Samsung's first extremely massive American contract (baring Clearwire) so there  should be no issues in confusing these equipment for another carrier which happens often with Ericsson NV equipment.

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      A close look at a Samsung setup

      Next Generation Samsung Configuration
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      Next Generation 8 Port Dual Band Antenna Setup 
      4 port 800 MHz RRH-C4 800

      (source: dkyeager)

      (source: dkyeager)
      Narrow beam setup

      High Capacity Site with 2 Antennas & 3 RRUs (2x PCS & 1x SMR).
      Second antenna is PCS only for now.

      Canadian IBEZ (NO SMR)

      Special Case PCS Only Setup for Canadian IBEZ

      Close up of standard antenna connectors 

      Samsung Cabinets

      Powerpoint slides from Samsung / Sprint
      *disclaimer - all  powerpoint diagrams and images were found through public municipality online databases and is by no means misappropriated through malicious means*
      *Credit goes to those whom took pictures of these equipment. You know who you are*
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      Sprint announced at MWC trade show in Barcelona that 5G will go live with 4 cities starting in May  (Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City )
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