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I figure I should start a topic for counting outages. I would like to see how reliable your wireless provider(s) are with restoring their services and how reliable they claim their networks are. Please post when you experience one and what wireless provider. Examples: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, Clearwire, etc.

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I am not sure I see the point of posting anecdotal outages. You could draw no reliable conclusions from such observations.


It is sometimes good to share if service is working or not. What if it is the device causing the problem and not the tower? It is always good to know the facts before reporting a tower issue especially when you have to wait or be put on hold for a long time. On here, I can see what members near me are experiencing on the spot.

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I am not sure I see the point of posting anecdotal outages. You could draw no reliable conclusions from such observations.


Exactly, the daily outage reports from Tampa-area Sprint users would lead most to believe that its network is the worst one. Truth is, all networks have their issues from time-to-time and place-to-place.

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    • By Geesmill
      Anyone else having data issues?
    • By jsage
      Good morning everyone,
      We've been experiencing some interesting problems in San Diego over the last few weeks - persistent voice and data outages all over the county. SprintCommunity.com's customer-care reps have attributed the problem to OEM issues and have acknowledged the county-wide nature of the outages here, here, here and here. This is a typical response:
      For me in particular, it's eight days and counting, and there's still one tower down near my home. My GNex and ZING seem to handle it OK, pulling in a 4G or 3G signal depending upon what's up or down (although this morning our service is voice-only). My wife's GS3, on the other hand, reboots frequently unless I disable LTE in settings.
      San Diego is in the IBEZ area and uses Samsung equipment, and is approaching 4G completion. Out of nothing more than curiosity, does anyone have an idea what kinds of problems could be causing voice and data outages across so many towers?
      Happy Friday!
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      I have noticed recently that 4G WiMAX in Westchester NY has been having lengthy outages. The phone will connect to a WiMAX tower, but then no data services are present. When I switch back to 3G it works fine. There are also times when I am connected and then the phone will just drop 4G for no reason and then will not reconnect. I personally cannot wait for NV and LTE to be done with Clearwire. Hopefully Sprint has learned to always take care of your own network first. Is there a way to report an outage to Clearwire or Sprint without having to call and them acting like it is your phone?
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      It appears today that Verizon's network is experiencing widespread data issues. This seems to be a regularly occurring issue at Verizon over that last several months. I know 4G LTE is a relatively new technology for everyone, but VZ seems to be having issue after issue with data outages. What gives?
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